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    P3D v4 Rain inside hangar vs rain inside airplane

    I think it would probably use the same protocol as the fsx trike. If I remember it simulates rain on pilot goggles in the same mannner as a cockpit screen
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    Laptop sufficient for 3DSMax, Blender3D, P3D, XP, and VS 2017/2019?

    Rob Ive used similar here - However, I invested in a sterTech docking station that is great. It takes the strain off the SSD and to a degree utilises hard drives I have shelved. Means I know have 2 x 1 terra byte filling nicely with likes of blender which runs from the docking station nicely and...
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    Lights over custom GP

    Try downloading Marks Airport Essentials from SOARFLY - That way you'll havce some different ones to test I use them on occasion. look for on that page and test one of his ground...
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    Lights over custom GP

    OK ---1. What is the elevation of your runway custom poly? is it the same as the altitude of the airport? 2. The light model placed on the default scenery has a base to it from the best view I can get yet the one you place on the custom poly is slightly sunk in meaning that the custom...
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    Lights over custom GP

    How are you adding the lights - As a Model?
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    Light is too small

    Because each effect is in effect a software file - There is a FX Editor if you are using an original FSX platform. look here and youll see that there is ways to edit.
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    Light is too small
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    Light is too small

    would 3rd party lights placed as models be a better option? Not sure how this worlds with a moving deck
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    FS2004 Win 10 1903 Update

    No problems! Prefer we're aware than suffer the issue I did in January 2-19
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    FS2004 Win 10 1903 Update

    There are a number of posts Ive made back in Jan 2019 about the issue as it took out my older motherboard on a self build then, following Msoft intervention they applied a mirror and found it went don a second time within 24 hours. Passed to level 3 and they confirmed that older motherboard were...
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    FS2004 Win 10 1903 Update

    In addition beware that 1903 has the ability to cause issues (understated) to older motherboards as it doesn't carry all the key older drivers and therefore can knock out the graphics cards and processors within days. However, in discussion with MS level 3 they have assured me that this has been...
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    Need some effects making please

    Dale you can get some great pre-made effects from SOARFLY and they are free. The have apron lighting that works really well including the flood light effects. It shows on the ground but NOT on aircraft (its fsx) - The lighting for hangers is there and can be used as a teach me guide which will...
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    Added Taxi Lights but not lining up.

    As stated above you may have an airport with the creator using polys to create the apron, taxiways and potentially runway. If this is the case you can use a lights package and add the lights as models or from a library BGL file (SOARFLY have a great pack and its all free). Ive just completed...
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    No BGLComp

    Peter as Jon states dont attempt to use the SDK in steam - If youve downloaded P3D 1.4 then Id suggest using the search routine in file explorer to seek the the compiler files you need (where you are going to sign post ADE to look ) then once youve found each using Notepad copy and past the...