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Recent content by Gil62

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    MSFS Materials Creation after SU5 totally broken?

    Hi Losco, Same problem, in waiting next SDK, try to "Clean all" and -> "Build all", every new material or import all maerial (also if you see "wrong" material and after Clean-Build - very boring but in my case working
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    MSFS ADE 19, not saving image

    Partially solved. If I check "Two way edit" (also if I do not use, no start fs2020, no open sdk), ADE not reload image whwn reload for continue work. If I leave Uncheck... save and reopen... image it's present
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    MSFS ADE 19, not saving image

    Yes, I see and show "visible". The problem it's when (after save) I close e when I load again to continue working... image missing... not see, not in list. The problem exist also with other image with not georeferencing.
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    MSFS ADE 19, not saving image

    Hi, I import image to ADE (for tracing), all ok, no problem import, no problem to georeferencing... I save Project (no error), but when I reopen (to continue work) the image it's missing. I have test with JPG, BMP and PNG, every time that I reopen project, image it's missing. Any help...
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    MSFS Issues and Suggestions

    I have the same problem. Marco
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    MSFS Excludecarparking - ADE16

    Both :-( (I'm sorry)
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    MSFS Excludecarparking - ADE16

    I'm unable to find how to make exclusion rectangle (carparking) Where I wrong? Thanks
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    MSFS ADE 20 - Where am I doing wrong?

    Thanks for reply. In short... I do not add or remove nothing from airport: 1) Create from stock 2) Save 3) Build project In attach backup
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    MSFS ADE 20 - Where am I doing wrong?

    Hi to all My flow: 1) Create from stock, with Asset Group "Airport scenery+Models+Materials 2) Check complete, no error without changing anything go to File ->BUILD Project (and also test Tools-> Direct Build and have error, Attach screen (I apologize for my bad english) If I check only...
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    MSFS ENSD - Sandane Airport, Anda

    Thanks Any future chance to have a your guide as for "custom photo/aerial scenery " ?
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    P3D v2 Runway light and PAPI in the air

    Hi to all, I apologize for my bad Language... I hope clear my question SIM P3D I "test" ADE 1) Import Stock LIRA 2) Compile (all ok, no error) 3) See well After I have installed Orbx FTX Global - repeat step - no problem After I have installed FTX Vector - PROBLEM with light (see photo) LIRA...