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    I Just Can't Wait to Be a Dev (Parody)

    It sucks even more to work as a developer ;)
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    Fokker 100

    I was never involved in the project but I know for sure that Flight1 didn't buy the source code (Flight1 CEO Steve Halpern contacted me last week and asked if I have it). I tried to contact Florian Praxmarer (who owns the source code and seems to be the only one who has it) but didn't get a...
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    Are you actually playing FS?

    It's the same with me. I mostly use FS for development and testing. The worst thing is that I can't fly the aircraft I worked on myself. Everything I do, I find something that I'd like to improve. Ruins everything :D For "just playing", I usually play EVE Online (Elite-like MMORPG), Rise of...
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    Anyone having problems looking up MODULE_VARs?

    No, .d is correct here for binary coded decimals. Again, I'm using the same and it works fine.
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    Anyone having problems looking up MODULE_VARs?

    No. Not at all. Everything works just as expected. What exactly is happening (or not happening) in your gauges?
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    FSX and stay on top

    Nope. This is not a good idea as the window title is different in the localized versions. Only use FS98MAIN. :)
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    Size of outside view

    Actually 8192 means nothing else than 100 percent screen size. If you want to have your outside view to be 100% of the screen width and 50% of the height, you enter: size_x=8192 // = 8192 * 1.0 size_y=4096 // = 8192 * 0.5 For 57% height it would be size_x=8192 // = 8192 * 1.0 size_y=4669...
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    GMax plugin for FsX
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    GMax plugin for FsX

    On Sunday? Do you guys ever stop working or even take a day off? ;)
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    C gauges help

    It's not unwillingness (does that word exist?), it's time. Most gauge programmers are working hard to make their stuff compatible with FSX. Why don't you just start with the demo gauges from the SDK and ask us questions here when they come up?:)
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    Lightning Detector

    AFAIK Pete uses the data provided by SimConnect for the weather interface in FSX. So it's rather unlikely that FSUIPC4 will provide access to lightning.
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    Lightning Detector

    Cumulonimbus clouds. If there is a thunderstorm, it's usually (always?) in them.
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    Lightning Detector

    Hi! I doubt that it's possible to detect lightning itself. Only thunderstorms in general through CBs.
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    FSDevelopers Association - Meeting tonight!

    OK, that's xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx
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    FSDevelopers Association - Meeting tonight!

    If the problem persists, I can offer an alternative TS server which is already running. Just let me know.