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    Scene Builder Wizard

    Good question!
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    Scene Builder Wizard

    Wonderful! Well done Arno;I can't wait to try it!! Chas
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    Unhandled Exception Error Current Dev Release 25.7.2012

    Thanks for your speedy reply Arno! Pressing the convert button was the last event from me. Re the decision to move From Gmax to either Blender or sketchup : I wasn't a pointing a finger at GMAX as causing any problems thoough since it's been 10 years, since I used it, I'm not sure the FSx...
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    Unhandled Exception Error Current Dev Release 25.7.2012

    Hey Arno, I am trying to get a proper elevation for a model I did 10 years ago for fs9-fsx->P3d. I am getting the following error with the "latest Dev Version" It works fine in all three thanks to you, but Now I am trying to change the height and export so fs2Xplane can render it and properly...
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    Adex in xplane

    Yes^2! any follow up on this? I would like to take my fictitious K69 over to X-Plane, but once tried with G2XPL, The runway doesn't show up in WED...No XML? LOVE ADE170!!! Chas
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    P3D v3 ADE 170 OutOFMemory

    Please advise I love ADE!!! Finally Re-installing the latest version after TOTAL UPGRADE of Hardware,OS,P3d, And FS9(for airport import into P3d because FSEconomy has such an outmoded database!!! Thanks, Chas
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    Navid's Sky Set 2016 v3

    Your screen shots are beatiful, but I am confused about how to use your contribution. Beyond sky color, does your add-on affect cloud shape and color ? Thanks, Chas
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    Prokey install crashes ADE

    after copying Prokey files to the plugins folder, I get the following ADE crash message. Initially, I thought that ADE required the installation directory to be in C:,because it was crashing in my FS 9/add-ons/airport design editor folder. I uninstalled, and put it into the default C drive...
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    P3D v2 X40 (KINF) Inverness, Florida

    So, Sir James, Will your wonderful Inverness ever see the light of day In our own scenery.cfg file? Chas
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    No Aircraft Symbol at Airport ????

    Yep, saved my bacon too!! Thanks all! Chas
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    P3D v2 X40 (KINF) Inverness, Florida

    ...not just nice... Incredible work Jim! .....I am still struggling with my lil stinking creek area much to do, so much to learn.... you seem to know your way around textures...would you mind looking at the farmhouse composite and tell me why the barn is blue in , my P3dv2.3 and in...
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    P3D v2 Prepar3d v2.3

    It's scary as hell, but with a 3.5° slope, it works, if you got the balls, that is...
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    P3D v2 Prepar3d v2.3

    Thanks so much for the quick reply, but what could be causing my runway to be floating at 1018 feet? I deleted the previous runway and redid it and it's the same thing here's a picture Sorry instead of 2018 feet I meant 1018 feet as you can see the polygon for the airport background is set at...
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    P3D v2 Prepar3d v2.3

    Howdee all, Hoping to get an answer for tomorrows edit. I have an airport that is a derivation of my original K69 seen here-> ... the problem is that the new airport, ground poly and runway are all set at 995 feet. The runway shows up at 2018 feet!! Could someone try out my scratch re-do...
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    .MDL file is invalid for model created with Prepar3d V2.2 SDK

    Here's the weird thing, I have converted virtually all of the models that you see here, in p3Dv1.4, into FSX .bgls in the convert & place wizard of modelConverterX, DEV version. None of them are we're converted P3D V2 and yet all of them show up MY P3dv2.2. The reason why I did not use the...