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Recent content by JCRL

  1. JCRL

    Boeing 787 for FS9/FSX

    Ok, here's the first picture
  2. JCRL

    Boeing 787 for FS9/FSX

    Hello guys I'm here to announce that I'm interested in start making a Boeing 787 model for both Flight Simulator versions: FS9 and FSX Right now I'm collecting some photos from airliners.net and jetphotos websites and some material from the Boeing website, but if there's another website for...
  3. JCRL

    FSX YBCG Gold Coast Airport

    That's great man, congratulations :cool:
  4. JCRL

    PayPal is a SCAM

    Thanks for the warning, I never used PayPal because they don't give any warranty for their services, and because they're receiving a lot of critical comments (incluiding from the Minecraft developer that got his PayPal account frozen with more than €600,000) and I'm happy I'm not another victim...
  5. JCRL

    Billings in progress FSX/FS9

    Looks good :cool: Is this Billings Logan / KBIL???
  6. JCRL

    FSX Beira airport

    You're doing a great work, about the photoscenery and the terrain, you can find a lot of tutorials in the wiki section ;)
  7. JCRL

    Problem with Boolean

    I maked again the roof (operand B) and the building, applied Boolean and it worked perfectly Thank you very much :cool:
  8. JCRL

    Problem with Boolean

    Hello again, I tried expanding the roof (Operand B) using the "Select and Uniform Scale" mode, and "Select and Non-Uniform Scale" in the axis Y and Z, and the result is the same I uploaded the gmax file with the objects Edit: I made the roof using a lot of cylinders, 19 cylinders in total, I...
  9. JCRL

    Problem with Boolean

    Hello guys, It's been a long time I don't post in the forum I have a problem with Gmax trying to cut a box using Boolean, and the Cut isn't very accurate (according to the object I selected as the Operand B), check the original objects, the blue is the one I selected as Operand B I...
  10. JCRL

    FSX YBCG Gold Coast Airport

    Excellent work, I can't wait :D A FS9 version is planned too or it will be for FSX only???
  11. JCRL

    Help with my first USA scenery

    :eek: Hi, thanks for the help, but if what you said is true, then I will NOT risk the people to face legal problems with the government agencies, I prefer to work with the material I collected from GE, JP.net and A.net But anyway thank you for the offer :cool:
  12. JCRL

    Help with my first USA scenery

    Hello kevintampa5, thanks for replying :) I'll take a look at KPBI, I'm collecting photos from Google Earth, Jetphotos and Airliners.net, but I still need more photos (specially pics from the terminals entries), can somebody help me please?? The scenery will be freeware
  13. JCRL

    Help with my first USA scenery

    Hello guys I was wondering if somebody can help me with a project I'll start, I'm interested in make a USA airport for FS9 and FSX (I was thinking in Southwest Florida/Fort Myers Airport or New Orleans, but you can suggest me another airport, but please don't ask me to do a big airport like...
  14. JCRL

    my DC-8 Project

    You became a professional in making airplanes in Gmax :eek::cool:
  15. JCRL

    Gmax and bitmap resolution

    Thank you very much :):D