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    FSXA Ground Poly export problem

    Hi! I am using the FS2002 SDK to export my ground poly's from gMax. But I just got one realy big problem. My MakeMDL version is 2002.01 and not 2002.3, so I can't change the textures from bitmaps to dds for use in FSX, because the ''Keep Files'' option when you export doesn't exist. Could...
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    FSXA Can't generate GUID's Annorator

    Hi! When I use the anorator for fsx, I can't generate GUID's for forrestes and stuff like that. What have I done wrong? It is a short text like this: <--GUID NULL-->
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    How do Aerosoft do?

    Hi! How do Aerosofts senery crators their photoscenery around the airports? Attatch a screenshot: Regards//Joakim
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    Do an decode make MDL

    Please, do an decode make MDL. I mean for both aircrafts and scenery objects. Put in the MDL-Decoding-Output in XML(Scenery) or gmax (Aircrafts/Scenery).
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    Moving jetbridge

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    Moving jetbridge

    I'm using fs9 and i have FSDS and GMAX.
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    Moving jetbridge

    Hi! I want to know how to do a moving jetbridge of my own. Can somebody help me?