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Recent content by jpfil

  1. jpfil

    MSFS A solution for fs-base-genericairport bug in runway

    Allo, A polygon from the fs-base-genericairports package dug a trench across one of the runways at our airport. We tried all kinds of solutions with the polygon tool, without success, until my colleague Dominic tried the simple rectangle tool and the hollow disappeared! If it can help you...! @+
  2. jpfil

    Time to Retire

    Thank you Jon for all you have done for the FS community. You are one of the few creators whose achievements are useful, even essential, for all developers. Several of my airports have a bit of Scruffyduck in them! Take advantage of your family because, in the end, that's the most important...
  3. jpfil

    MSFS Gravel runway displayed asphalt or concrete on map

    Hi, All my runways but one in Nunavik are graveled. But on the FS20 world map they are displayed with asphalt or concrete? Somebody have explanation or clue? Thanks.
  4. jpfil

    MSFS Parking without AI airplane

    Hi, In some airports I set parking(s) just for my own flight start (and theese of my wingmans). So I dont want airplane parked there. How I can manage the parking to be always free? Thanks
  5. jpfil

    MSFS Obstruction lightning

    Gros merci! Great thanks!
  6. jpfil

    MSFS Obstruction lightning

    Hi, I want to place red obstruction lights on the top of my airport buildings. I made a 3d model but it deseapear after 100-300 feet... I can I manage my lights to have the same visibility than the default red threshold lights on runways? Or how to attach this lights on my building? Thanks.
  7. jpfil

    Can a satellite image be used as an 'overlay' to place objects

    To have the precise direction of the runways of my airports in Nunavik (northern Quebec) I used the Map Enhancement mod in ArcGis display. Use with caution though...
  8. jpfil

    MSFS Polygon Falloff

    My polygons all have a different priority and a falloff of more than 0. Also I went to see other polygons from the same scenery and they have a regular falloff. Everything in my scenery's XML file looks just as regular.
  9. jpfil

    MSFS Polygon Falloff

    Yes. polygons with theese values : 1, 5 and 20.
  10. jpfil

    MSFS Polygon Falloff

    Hi, The falloff property of polygons no longer works in my editor. The transition remains very abrupt regardless of the entered value. Anyone have a solution? Thanks.
  11. jpfil

    MSFS Third party aircraft texture issue

    Hello, A colleague of mine did textures of an airline for Asobo's Kingair. If I load this model to pilot it the textures display perfectly without any problem. On the other hand, if I use this model as a static SimObject in a scenery, the texture of the company disappears if I am more than 100...
  12. jpfil

    MSFS Exclude water to unmask island

    The scenery is Corrections au Saint-Laurent, in this page : https://www.jpfil.com/quebec-fs2020/vfr.htm In the attached XML file the water exclusion polygons are displaynamed : 7iles-the_name_of_the_island Thanks.
  13. jpfil

    MSFS Exclude water to unmask island

    Good morning, I used the exclude water tool to "take out of the water" the islands off CYZV Sept-Iles. It lasted until the last FS20 update. The bug now is that I see all the islands except one full and one half. Yet I used the same tools for all the islands: Water exclude water. I recompiled...
  14. jpfil

    MSFS RNAV approach

    @FoxtrotScenery OK for LISMA that was why my procedure was incomplete. Yes I know that the procedures must be inside the <Airport> tags because they are directly linked to it. If I do not put their coordonates in the approach code the waypoints do not appear on the map. It may depend on how...
  15. jpfil

    MSFS RNAV approach

    OK thanks I will check.