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  • Are you working on P3Dv4 sceneries? Upgrading previous sceneries and ZBAA also?
    Yes, I will upgrade all the sceneries to P3Dv4. Hope they don't jump to V5 yet.....ha ha.
    but something wrong, because no animation in the MC a less in FSX. I tested a file your a Post with the name of "Simple.max " and working perfect. Whats wrong I need put Assing Controler or other thing ? Thanks !! Best Regards
    Hey man, just wanted to personally thank you for the ZBAA project, I have started making it on my own but it is a TON of work.
    Which software did you use to model the terminals?
    Hey I have a problem with my texture and all is great now my ZBias settings are all in levels of 4 so for ie: -4 -8 -12
    I haven't tried P3D Zbias yet. So I don't know either.
    Good afternoon. I remember you posting a thread about how to get rid of flickering in the ground poly. Unfortunatly I lost the thread and cannot find it. I'm using the MCX P3D v2 export from MCX and my bump maps show however there is bad flickering.
    It is FSX version not P3D. So I think the solution might be different. I don't know about P3D native ground poly.
    Hi so I put Jetway default and than change the Guid I tested too with a other scenery with jetway Anim and working good in FSX.......in video behind de Jetway I saw a big box I think a Dummy, do you know where is linked this dummy ? So I need to have put only Ground (plane) below
    the finger? is necessary ? . Thanks for you help
    You need to put default jetway in ADE for each parking. If you do any thing wrong in Gmax, you model will not be seen in FSX.
    HI Thanks Evrething is all right, now export normal, but I have a problem, if I export by Object appear in scenery, but no animation, and If I export as a Jetway (change Guid in Xml ADE) no Jetway, nothing appear.... amazing, I tried with Normal, Dense, Very Dense and nothing, you know that
    whats wrong..... Thanks for you help
    The weight means you haven't assigned that vertex to the bone. That's all. You need to keep looking in the gmax where is that vertex.
    What was wrong in its jetway to appear this message.... has no weights. ? Sorry to be bothering you, but in all the forums I checked you were the only one who had a similar problem. Thanks
    How are you ?
    Now that I have some time I'm trying to make the Jetway, I followed all the steps exactly as in the video tutorial, everything seemed normal until I went to export and had this messagemm just like you in a post "Vertex at(xxxx,xxxx,xxxx) has no weights."
    Hi jtanabodee
    How are you ?
    Did you get to build ( finished) the jetway animation? I'm trying but still didn't work rs... the problems is has only one tutorial no more else, do you know other ?
    Best Regards
    Hi jtanabodee,
    I am using 3DS Max to create some scenery for Africa. I am following your tutorial but I don't understand the following section:

    Go to vertex and choose vertices in vertical. Put your X value into the box, leave the +/- there. So you will get vertical vertices at –X and +X. Do the same with horizontal vertices with Y value, so you got them to –Y and +Y meters from the center.

    Thanks in advance.
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