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Recent content by kagazi

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    Help Please - ADE Download has a Virus

    No problems on my end. I'm using Windows 10 with both Malwarebytes (latest version) and Avast (latest version). I downloaded and scanned the file using both programs.
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    FSX Changing Touchdown Point On Runway

    Did you mean runway start or runway end? If you were to keep the other factors constant in George's post and add an OT you may see the planes touching down closer to the runway end - this is probably the opposite effect of what you're looking for, but I don't think the start location will...
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    Incorrect? runway assignment from ATC

    I'm not sure what sim you're using but I think this applies to both fs9 and fsx. If you have one runway only FS will not assign one end for landing and one for takeoff at the same time. Wind will be the determining factor which runway end is active. If 21 is active it will be used for landing...
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    FSXA Problems with showing approaches

    Your transitions need to follow FSX convention as mentioned by Jim. They seemed off, but I focused on the final approach first. Once your final approach is fixed you can focus on the transitions. http://independentflightinstructors.com/instructors/2010/02/knowing-the-final-fix/ But for...
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    FSXA Problems with showing approaches

    For the ILS approach you have defined the final approach fix (FAF) as the VOR (COM), which is incorrect per the chart you provided. The FAF should probably be defined by the FAP located at D7nm from COM. In the leg segments, you have also failed to include the FAF. You have an IF (FAF) and a CF...
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    FSX AI not taking off

    The hold short in the attached file at 06 AND 13 is too far from the edge of the runway - it's located on the blastpad/overrun which is not counted as part of the runway in FSX. This is the case for both runway ends. One solution would be to move the hold shorts closer to the edge of the...
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    ADE 1.60.4891 Beta

    Editing the approaches now works in approach mode, thanks and have a nice weekend :)
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    ADE 1.60.4886 Beta Available

    Attempting to edit approaches in this beta version in FSX brings up an unrecoverable error. I went back to the previous beta version (4849) and all is ok.
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    FSXA V1.55 Save?

    Yes. My experience is the same as yours.
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    FSX ATC does not recognize ILS Approach

    Warfox: I changed the fix in the header; Hopefully the ILS will get recognized. Edit: I tested the ils and it works. I suspected that the NDB PND at LEVC, which is defined in the final approach as the FAF may be causing an issue that prevents FSX from recognizing the ILS at runway 30. I...
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    FSX ATC does not recognize ILS Approach

    Warfox: it's just a hunch but give this a try and let me know if it works.
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    FSX ATC does not recognize ILS Approach

    FWIW - I compiled LEVC from the stock FSX airport and the result was the same - missing navaids in the bgl, which give the appearance that the approaches are broken when viewed using ADE. Warfox, have you tested to see if the stock compiled LEVC ILS is broken in sim? You said that FSX ATC did...
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    FSX ATC does not recognize ILS Approach

    I can duplicate Warfox's issue. For the specific file in question, I performed the steps outlined in Tom's post above. The .ad3 includes the waypoints/navaids etc. The compiled bgl is missing the waypoints/navaids. The approaches were already included; however, as some of the waypoints are...
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    ADE 1.55 Issue with Library Objects

    I e-mailed you the bgl. FYI - same behavior using 1.50.4402.
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    ADE 1.55 Issue with Library Objects

    My test is with a bgl file. It contains some stock info including the local airport comms. I save the file as a .ad3 and load the stock comms/nearby airports data. No duplication If I load up a stock airport and load stock comms.