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  • Hi
    Do you have some plans to make some greenlandic ships? like sarfaq ittuk the passengership or Aqqaluk ittuk or like that?

    I like your works :)

    I'm here just to drop a couple lines to thank you for all your efforts to make our hobby more purposeful and enjoyable. I wish you all the best in all your future endeavors!

    Kind regards,

    Rustam from UBBB/GYD!
    Hi Henrik, the last days I visited Greenland and downloaded some freeware from flightsim.gl! There are some Heliports and I tested routes with the midnatsol from BGSF to BGUK. So I am also interested to help you again. Greetings Christian
    Hi Henrik, today I read your question for helping you as a BetaTester. I never had done such a thing but I will help you. I didn't find an adress for posting you. I hope this is the right way. Greetings Christian
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