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Recent content by kvari

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    MSFS FAOR - OR Tambo International Airport, Johannesburg

    any news on the development ? I hope this wonderful modeling and texturing will not go wasted
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    MSFS Can ADE open msfs third party airports ?

    Hey, I’ve got two questions; one: is it possible to open third party airport .bgl’s with ADE to edit and save some features ? two: if answer to question one is yes, can we edit any third party airports terraform borders with ADE ? thanks for any feeds.
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    Editing a terraform area, is it possible ?

    Hey guys, Some third party airports come with a rather carelessly designed terraform area that breaks the photogrammetry coverage around the airport turning it into 2D map data only. Is there any way to disable or at least edit such terraform area borders on SDK or perhaps on ADE ? Thanks for...
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    MSFS Can we open third party airport’s .bgl with ADE in order to edit it ?

    Hey, Is it possible to open a third party airport’s .bgl that has the taxiway layout in it with ADE and edit it ? If so, can anyone explain me how ? Thnx !
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    MSFS Freeware Released! - Dortmund for the MSFS

    amazing work, truly ! do you mind me asking if it is being planned to be a free or a pay-ware ? furthermore, may I ask you a private TIN related polygon / exclusion question via dm ? I really need to bring back some TIN buildings around a third party airport that killed some of the TIN...
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    MSFS FAOR - OR Tambo International Airport, Johannesburg

    woohoo, the greatest news of the week ! so happy I was wrong to have guessed it kinda got terminated.
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    MSFS ZSHC Hangzhou Xiaoshan WIP

    apron looks awesome, color and textures so realistic.
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    MSFS FAOR - OR Tambo International Airport, Johannesburg

    i’m afraid to tell but this amazing work seems like abandoned.
  9. K

    a difficult polygon case

    thnx, sounded wise. but still no pg. i will share a screenshot of the area with type and name tags of the debug shapes. there is a rectangular polygon that covers the whole area and it’s tagged with airport vegetation etc, i suspect that it might cause this persistent problem. thnx again, for...
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    a difficult polygon case

    In the first place I tried directly with excludePolygon as well but there are a few handcrafted buildings in the polygon and the result showed those buildings sadly. so i wanted to get rid of them as well and chose excludeALL and then those aitegenerated buildings popped out, OMS or MS. do you...
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    a difficult polygon case

    I did it accordingly by creating an exclude rectangle that covers all the points of the polygon with excludeallobjects option on as it also had custom buildings on it but I still have default autogenerated buildings popping out form behind. I don’t know if they are OSM or MS or whatever. The...
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    a difficult polygon case

    under which menu is the debug shapes option present ?
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    a difficult polygon case

    the odds are that the designer of the airport might have rendered multiple polygons for different areas and might have compiled them into a single poly.bgl ( i can see in the scenery folder there is a poly.bgl ) do you think i would be able to see if the underlying polygon is a single body or...
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    a difficult polygon case

    thanx for the highly informative reply. it is of great value to me. i’ll try to remove the underlying polygon with the method you suggest. may I also just partially overwrite and remove it ? I mean only in the surrounding areas of the airport and not all over the entire airport ground ?