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    P3D v3 Resample BMP to BGL Problems

    If I understand correctly, you are wanting to get rid of the areas circled in red... That is the default airport background, or landclass mask. You might want to look at this- cheers, Lane
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    Jim Vile

    I am so sorry to read this, thank you Jon for posting. Jim's mark on the sim community is indelible and his contributions have, and will have, benefited many. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and his friends. Damn, 2016 just keeps on taking. cheers, Lane
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    duplicate taxiway designators?

    Umm,...did I miss something? What happened to Jim? cheers, Lane
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    Current aircraft position

    Place the aircraft where you want it. Alt+Tab to ADE. Click on the point you want located where the plane is. Press F4 and the point will move to the plane's location. There are other options, F5 changes the object's heading to match the plane's heading without moving the object. F6 moves...
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    FSX FSDS Objects In ADE

    Did you put the model's textures in ...\Addon Scenery\texture? What format are the textures? cheers, Lane
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    P3D v3 Observation and questions regarding shadows....

    Assuming P3D works similar to FSX, you have an option to have scenery objects cast ground shadows. What you see under the Orbx planes in the "before" picture are "shadows" built into the model by way of a flat plane under the airplane that is textured with the airplane's "shadow". This "shadow"...
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    Inconsistent loading of night lighting (_L.bmp files)

    Speaking specifically to the Mike Stone B-52M, despite the fact that their are *_L.BMP files in the download, if you look at the Material Editor in MCX you will see that they are not being called by the model. BTW, in the Material Editor you can easily "add a night texture" with one click and...
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    FSX Changing display transparency of ground polys

    Jon, would it be possible to add aprons to the View menu? cheers, Lane
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    P3D v3 localizer alignment guidance

    In Raw Data View I see headings for guides out to 13 places to the right of the decimal, how accurate do they have to be? Yes, the spinner is only showing tenths of a degree yet you can highlight that number and type in whatever you want and ADE seems to respect it. Here are two 5900+ foot...
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    Snark: What's Boeing's marketing staff going to do about the older 737s?

    Given the backlog of 900+ NG orders I doubt anything will change for a while. cheers, Lane
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    P3D v3 localizer alignment guidance

    Did you know that you can edit guidelines? You can draw any random guideline, then highlight it and hit the Enter key. This will open a dialog box where you can set the heading to exactly match the runway heading and the length to whatever length you need. Then all you have to do is drag it...
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    FSXA Unable to make scenery objects visible

    In DX10 mode FSX uses a file named bkg.bmp, which can be found in the root FSX folder, as a replacement for missing textures. That is what you are showing in your second screenshot. In DS9 mode, objects with missing textures are invisible. This leads me to believe you are missing textures for...
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    FSXA Missing object in scenery

    ADE was aware of the objects because they are default and already in the ADE database. They did not show in the sim for you as they are sort of geo-locked by having the model in the newyork.bgl along with the placement data. This "geo-lock" prevents them from being displayed in the sim...
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    FSXA Missing object in scenery

    If this is from the author I think it is the readme also instructs you to put the OBJ.bgl in ...\Scenery\Global\scenery. This file contains .mdl in it, which is why he want those textures in ...\Scenery\Global\texture. Regardless of where you put the OBJ.bgl, putting the textures in...
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    FSXA Missing object in scenery

    Try copying those textures to the main FSX\Texture folder. cheers, Lane