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    Trying to get the fireworks to work over the new WDW scenery that I am designing for FreeFlow Florida. I can get one burst of fireworks, but I want them to last 20 minutes beginning each night at 11:00pm Heres what I have. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?> <FSData version="9.0"...
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    Taxiway directions

    AMEN BROTHER! I'm always getting stopped head to head with a 777 and Im always going to lose that battle with my Bonanza V-tail. Yeah, see previous response....... :banghead: :duck:
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    Coast exclusion

    Good to see you around Luis.......I just registered your product and am quickly learning to love it.
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    Announcing FSDSMDL

    Oh I look forward to testing this little tool out, since I started my designing with FSDS. Its good to see that it will more than likely make it to the next level with mdl support. Great work Arno! :wizard:
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    No MDL created

    Hmmm.... :scratchch Well, I set the first condition to Altitude and the second condition to NAV2 and the trigger at distance to ref point. I started completely over with the hangar and recreated everything and now it works. Not sure what I did, but apparently I didnt do it again the...
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    No MDL created

    Have been using CAT 0.93 for a while with success, but this morning I was trying to create the mdl for this particular object and am getting this error: I am attaching the asm codes for review. I am using the FS9 gamepack from GMAX 1.2
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    LWM polys in G2K4

    Thanks Jeff, Very quick response indeed - good customer service on his part. BTW - I just had to turn the 'show aircraft' on under the "View" menu. Feeling silly now.... like my wife tries to tell me all the time "read the directions!" :duck: :rolleyes:
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    Absolutely STUNNING! Gas up the Hornet - Going to get it right now and practice my carrier landings!
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    LWM polys in G2K4

    SUCCESS!!!!! I took Arno's advise and purchased the registered version of SBuilder and found it so much easier to use to create the VTP polys. One question, though, I noticed in the setup that FSUIPC is required so that the coordinates in FS will flow through to SBuilder, but this does not...
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    LWM polys in G2K4

    Oops, yes, I meant VTP....see what I mean about getting outside my comfort area?
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    LWM polys in G2K4

    VTP polys in G2K4 I downloaded Ground2K4 (version 5.3.02) and am having a hard time understanding it. No real tutorial included, and the readme leaves something to be desired :tapedshut . All I really want to do with this is to create the LWM polygons that are used around an airport to...
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    Anybody interested it testing a windsock???

    Count me in also! :teacher:
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    The I am working on thread

    And I am working on: CYYC - Calgary (90% done) CYEG - Edmonton (70% done) CYYJ - Victoria (10% done) MDCR - Cabo Rojo, DR (99% done) MYX6 - Oakes Field, Bahamas (5% done)
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    Regarding Gmax ground-polys

    I think this would be a great would be good to know if someone else has started a project, so we can either colaborate (I know I would appreciate some help from time to time) or move onto another project. Thanks~
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    Regarding Gmax ground-polys

    Looks great that Calgary's (CYYC) airport? I've been working on a revamp of that terminal, but if you are doing one, I'll concentrate elsewhere, looks like you are way ahead of me. Here's what I have so far.....