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    Different Jetway models for different Sims

    Hi, is it possible to have a different set up (different jetway models), for the FSX and P3D versions of an airport? My current guess is that this won't work, on account of the SODE jetway engine looking up the airport's jetways by ICAO designator. Obviously, the airport should have the same...
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    FSX MAGVAR Variables

    I have been using A:MAGVAR with success for years. Generally the GPS variables seem to update less often, but of course for mag var, update rate is almost certainly not going to be an issue. You can get either units from either A:Var, just use (A:MAGVAR, degrees) or (A:MAGVAR, radians). Also...
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    Controlling the Rudder of an AI object in flight

    Hmm I wonder if the AI planes either have the default yaw damper or auto-coordinate engaged. Try explicitly disengaging these two features, using (A:AUTO COORDINATION, bool) and (A:AUTOPILOT YAW DAMPER, bool). My current guess is that auto coordination defaults to on for AI objects. Farley
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    P3D v4 Update function not called

    To my knowledge, that only indicates that the debugger attached to P3D correctly, not that his DLL loaded correctly. I do not see anything that looks particularly like a gauge in that list of DLLs which DID load. Edit: Since this problem came with a new (64bit) build configuration, the...
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    P3D v4 Update function not called

    Vitus, Am a bit late to the party, but here are three ideas, hopefully one of them turns out to be a good one, and not just stuff you've already tried: 1) Have you tried a simconnect log? It may give you some sort of error that help will shed light on the problem. Take the attached file...
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    Setting Multiple A:vars with one Simconnect call

    OK I got it to work. Two pointers for "the next guy" 1) Note Jon's syntax of passing the total array size in bytes, instead of using the unitSize and arrayCount parameters. 2) The size of the data that you send to SetDataOnSimObject must be exactly equal to the total size of the data...
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    Setting Multiple A:vars with one Simconnect call

    Thank you sir! :D Will try that - looks like I just have to add each one to the data definition. Farley
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    Setting Multiple A:vars with one Simconnect call

    So in your example you are using one SetDataOnSimObject() for EACH payload station, correct? My question was if it's possible to do it in 1, something like: AddToDataDefinition(DEFINITIONS::DATA_DEFINITION_ALL_STATIONS, "PAYLOAD STATION WEIGHT", "Pounds", SIMCONNECT_DATATYPE::FLOAT64, 0...
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    Setting Multiple A:vars with one Simconnect call

    My apologies if this question has already been asked - I searched the forum and could not find it. The FSX SDK gives the ability to use simconnect_setDataOnSimObject() to pass an array of variables. As an example of this, it shows setting several waypoints for an AI plane. My question is, is...
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    Flightsim World Closure Announced:

    To give my unsolicited two cents: 1) I certainly do not rejoice in this news, primarily because I feel really bad for the developers who poured their work into it for years. I sincerely hope that they are quickly snapped up by employers who will appreciate them more. 2) I do see a potential...
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    What format are these coordinates in?

    These coordinates look like degrees + decimal minutes.
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    Sending Ctrl-E (Autostart)

    Does triggering KEY_ENGINE_AUTO_START do the trick?
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    FSX Detecting that Elevator Trim is Changing

    That sounds like a pretty good way to me. Just measure each gauge update, and compare the value to the one you read on the last cycle. FSX does not have rate variables for the control surfaces, so unfortunately I do not believe that there is a better way...
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    SPN-42 Automatic Carrier Landing System

    Affirmative. Thank you for the suggestion, sir. We will definitely contact them. If anyone else decides at some point to make a carrier aircraft (freeware or payware), please recall this thread and get in contact. :) Farley
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    SPN-42 Automatic Carrier Landing System

    What's cool about this is that it's not actually part of our F-4. In fact it is a very faithful implementation of the AN/SPN-42 ACLS, based on an extremely detailed manual that somehow got declassified. This means that the pitch and bank commands are calculated by the ship itself, and...