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  • I must say you really did an excellent job on this airport and it's only fair to have it being as busy as it should be with night time arrivals from all over Africa..(Makes me to think of creating a Virtual Ethiopian Airlines for VATSIM) I should send it to you in a few.
    Dear Magnus. I managed to edit Addis Airport by editing the stock airport elevation,now I think it now has runway and taxi lights eliminating the fear of flying in at night to no runway/PAPI lights ;-) I am now testing it out and should send you the file folders so that you can check it ou
    Hi dear Magnus! Any news regarding Dar Es Salaam?
    Any chance to have even a light version of it?
    Hi sir! Congrats for your wonderful African Airports so far!
    Any news regarding HTDA and FLKK?
    I'd recommend to you to do Maputo there's lots of great detail pictures of the terminal and its great airfield. Just recommendation
    or even Casablanca or Rabat would create a storm as there's lots of traffic flying to both places i recommended. When is HTDA open to the public?
    Thank you for your work on African sceneries.
    Hello sir!
    Just seen your 2 shots of haab.
    Ive Been Waiting for this airport for years.
    I see its preety much advanced now. Do you have any expected release date? Best regards, and thank you in advance
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