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    One last test please

    The new version work fine with my scenery of Paris. Material and Extrutionspb are well generated. Thanks. Marc
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    Release candidate

    Hello, Apologyses for this missanderstood. I suposed that the Rc was enought stable for distribution, because when i red the documentation, it was explain how to distritube an install for users. i'll wait for the non-beta version before realease a new version of my addon. Marc
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    Release candidate

    hello arno, Yes, my addon is released, only on my website : I have have few good feedback about it, who correct compatibility with Orbx addons, and no bad feedback. Before, i have also uploaded my addon on, but without you tool. It's not uploaded on...
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    Release candidate

    Thanks Arno for this tool. I've add to my new add-on "town of Paris" because there is new materials and extrusions inside. After complains of simmer (using FTX global) who cannot see news extrusions buidings of the town, somebody give me this information about you tool. It seem to work fine (for...
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    FSXA Resample Tool CompressionQuality

    SplitFileLOD is an order to cut the final BGL in multiple smalest BGL. Then i supose it's more easy for the sim to find data in smalest files.
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    FSXA Resample Tool CompressionQuality

    I, I also got recently a mesh of France in 20 meters. I uses the folowings parameters, because compression quality seem to be a JPEG system. It's realy not usuefull to keep 100%, but find a value beetwin 80 and 95%. I used also the "split" parameter because the whole France in one file is...
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    snow HW in FSX photoreal

    You can have a HW texture in FsX like in FS9. When you create seasons in FsX you can choose month by month what texture is assigned (12 textures if you want) Usualy, i assign 1 texture (winter) for dec, jan, feb, 1 texture (spring) for march, april, may...
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    FSXA How to modify a DEM/terrain file?

    You can also modify the TIFF file with ImageJ. This tool allow you to select pixels or areas and change the values, using a brush, etc. So you can redisign pixel by pixel the hill. Be carefull, ImageJ destroy the metadata informations about Long/Lat coodinates, so you have to add manualy...
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    FSX Textures Show in FSX but not in Gmax

    Simply clic on the blue and white cube placed at right to the name of the texture.
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    Detailed textures and rain effects on runways

    For make runways and taxiways, i make a Fsx texture wiht four or five maps. diffuse color : the map of runway Self-illumination : the night texture Bump : a texture wiht blue channel in alpha layer reflexion : my own reflexion texture (or nothing if i use the global environment texture)...
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    St-Pierre & Miquelon scenery

    After hard word, i want to thanks the community (especialy Arno) for the help to find solutions for solve my problems. I have made a non-flat airport at St-Pierre (LFVP) in the french archipelago of St-Pierre & Miqelon. All the archipelago is redraw. There is a new mesh, landclass, roads...
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    parameters for effects

    thanks a lot. I have also found the solution in an other post. I have placed 2 effects whit Dusk/dawn and Day/night and it's work correctly now. So the bug is not corrected in FsX.
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    parameters for effects

    I try to place taxi lights. I want that the effect is visible at dawn, dusk and night. I tried many méthods to program this, as show below. I have made a xml for lacing all the light to compils it wiht bglcomp.exe Note that the is no error when i compile the file, whatever the syntax...
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    Bump problem with Gmax material

    I solve the problem myself. I made a bump texture in DxT5 whit different colors in layers as it's explain in the forum. It's work fine now.
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    Bump problem with Gmax material

    Hello, i try to make a airport whit true lenght profil (non-flat) like this : I have made materials with détails and bump textures for runway and taxiway. When i started from the airport, is good like this : But when i fly far from the airport and comme back, the runway and taxiway are...