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Recent content by markself

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    P3D v4 texture creation

    Hello, I've been working with MCX in placing a ground poly on the tarmac. I create the textures using Adobe Elements. These textures work well, but appear as if they are on a sheet of glass. They reflect the sun very well. Could someone give me a direction to determine what can be done...
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    Scenery Objects - P3D v4.3xxxx

    Greg: Armo suggested that what I was trying to do with the hovercircles would probably be better done with ground polys.. He was spot on. I've been able to place several of the images on the ground. The problem right now is the reflectivity or specularity issue. I create my background...
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    P3D v4 How to stop grass from causing crashes?

    I'm creating simple models in Sketchup (*.DAE). Then using the klatest version of ModelConverterX to adjust and convert and then place the object. The export scenery as a *.BGL file. This works very well. But, when I try to use the NoCrash (True) it's not in the P3D v4 section, it's in the...
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    how to hard the to roof of a building made in SU

    Armo: Thank you very much. I'll start researching the use of ground polys. I recall something about the "flashing" being caused by ground proximity. Is the thinness of my helipad object the problem? Mark Self
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    how to hard the to roof of a building made in SU

    Armo: Question 1: I'm trying to follow your "Platform" video. I'm using P3D ver. I'm trying to use the "Platform" function. Nothing is happening. Textures and .BGL is written, but nothing shows. Is the platform function not compatible with P3D or am I doing something wrong...
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    Scenery Objects - P3D v4.3xxxx

    Greg: I apologize for being so late in my reply. Had a death in the family. I have figured out how to place the objects that I create (using Sketchup 2017) into P3D SDK v4.2.21.24048. I did some towers kinda like racing pylons. They turned out nice. I've place a custom...
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    Check your conversations. Please.

    Check your conversations. Please.
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    Scenery Objects - P3D v4.3xxxx

    Wow! When I stumbled onto your post, here, it seemed like dejvu. My history in FS is very similar to yours. I really worked Instant Scenery, back in FSX. I've used SimDirector to place some library objects. I have many ORBX products installed in P3D v4 But since you're basically stuck...
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    AIBTC compiled Boat doesn't appear in FSX

    Eureka!! Boats are moving and visible ALain152, Golf_HotelDelta & Tejal: Thank you guys so much. It appears to be working just fine now. Now after a full week of fighting this demon, I can finally get back to flying. It seems that Google Earth really makes a mess of the .kml file...
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    AIBTC compiled Boat doesn't appear in FSX

    Still no go ALain152 & Tejal: Thank you for your suggestions. As you can see from my previous reply, I did change the names in Routes148.kml. ALain152, I was confused when you suggested changing the AC# to 1, but when Tejal reiterated the suggestion and nothing else worked I gave it a...
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    AIBTC compiled Boat doesn't appear in FSX

    This is veeeerrrry frustrating. I have attached 2 .zip files (Flathead Lake.zip & Polson AI Boats.zip). Flathead Lake.zip is a scenery file that places 2 sets of (4) floating helipads, static boats in Flathead Lake. One group of helipads is located in the southern end of the lake while the...
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    AIBTC compiled Boat doesn't appear in FSX

    Still not working I can't seem to get it to work. So I created a small .csv file with LibraOffice.org. Checked it with CSVEd 2. Here is the .csv file: 1948,483,482, { -114.1288072117104,47.71687494835912, -114.0964066741955,47.75758449025563, -114.0980285119653,47.78601137055551...
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    AIBTC compiled Boat doesn't appear in FSX

    I apologize for having to ask this question. I've worked on this problem for nearly a week and have been unable to solve the problem. I am using AIBTC to create a simple (4 points) boat plan. The boat doesn't appear in FSX. I have creqated several other boat plans with AIBTC and have...
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    "Show background" in SBuilderX313 not working

    Sorry if this is a repeat. I searched the forum and didn't find a match. I'm running Win 7 64-bit. I installed SBuilderX313 into the "FlightSim Tools" folder in C:. Everything seems to work. When I ask for "Show Bacground" Nothing happens. No loading files, Nothing. I DL'd the Google...
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    Making blended dirt?

    I'm trying to make some mountain camps in British Columbia. Not making detailed airports. Just trying to clear the trees and default scenery out of fairly small areas to make a realistic looking dirt area to place cabins , equipment and vehicles. I use Google Earth to create polys and poly...