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    Correct Altitude for CF Runway Leg

    I have read posts for about an hour so far and couldn't find anything that addressed this. The default Altitude for the Final CF leg to the runway on an ILS Approach is approx 52' above airport elevation (in this case 697.001'). However I have watched youtube tutorials where the creator was...
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    Library Objects not showing up.

    They are, and the buildings were showing up fine and then suddenly stopped after I tried adding the custom terminal building and some GP surface textures (was trying to get a darker asphalt look for some areas). So I removed the GP textures and that didn't work so I started a whole new project...
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    Library Objects not showing up.

    As a second note I changed two of the hangers to generic buildings and they show up fine.
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    Library Objects not showing up.

    Good morning all, I have been having a lot of fun with ADE but have come upon an issue I just cannot solve. For the airport I have attached (7d2 which is now KVLL) most of the library objects, buildings and planes are not showing up but some things like fuel tanks are. Any help or direction...