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    Flatten and Autogen Exclude in FSX

    Hi Blazer, thanks for this info. can you elaborate on the exclude part? How did you do it with a new poly? Is is possible to do this and not exclude added objects? Got a project in ground2k4 and did the whole airfiled in VTP polys , looks great in FS9, but just got FSX and discovered it isn't...
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    Frankfurt/Main Intl. (EDDF)

    Just read thru this entire thread, really impressive work! Was thinking of getting C4D for my poser/carrera/bryce work (love the renderer), knowing I can get good results like this seems to be a plus.
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    How do you like the new look fsdeveloper site?

    Nick, love the new look, thanks!
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    Man, they'll let anyone in here, LOL. Since I figured I get more serious about aircraft instead of scenery, thought I would pop in and say hey! :D
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    No Object properties

    Hi Arno, just d/led Object placer (Runtime and pictures) and it installed fine and when opened I get a connection with FSUIPC after creating a new project, yet I get no listing in the main window and no properties for any object (as in the pic in the PDF). I read the PDF and also did a search...
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    Texture alignment on the polygon.

    In FSSC by default there is an API called Bitmap2 that lets you pick any texture and size and lay it in the scenery (as long as it is flat). I have had great success with this using textures with alphas around the edges to blend it, works great. Very similar to the above API. Regards, Michael
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    Sign Macros

    I know Jim has a few sign macros on his site, can't remember what they were, but here is the link Best of luck! Regards, Michael
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    Novice needs help

    I'll second what Arno said. I have been designing scenery since CFS2 and tried Gmax when it came out with FS2002 and could not get a grip on it, for 6 months I tried. I finally went back to Nova and then FSDS, BUT I reinstalled it a month ago and I can pretty much do all I could with FSDS in it...
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    gmax for Designing Runways/Taxiways/Aprons

    Thanks Arno, just found a thread by Dick with the MDLCommander link, I'll give that a try. Where would I find the area to tweak the ZBias in Gmax? Thanks, Michael
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    gmax for Designing Runways/Taxiways/Aprons

    I am interested in this as well. I read the tip on how Gmax isn't the best choice for this, but I already have custom texures for the area, but the res is not sharp enough (4.75 pixels, thanks MS :( ) so I was going to add a ground poly and texture it for the main area. Since I am using the...
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    Fs2004 scenery design tools

    That is discouraging about SceneGenX as I was wanting to do the same thing and was about to get into it as it does look promising. regards, Michael