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    FSX:SE old folk problem using version 165 and can't compile!

    Looked everywhere for this. settings options tabs and hidden tabs. in file registry, where is the fix please. many thanks for a great piece of software.! cause can't compile! Christine PS:: just a thought .. some of us do not fly every day, or even every month or year even, Please leave the...
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    FSX Saving thumbnails...

    Thumbnails and Screen Capture ADE has a simple built in screen capture tool. This can be used to capture and save thumbnail images of library objects and generic buildings. The screen capture tool is available when you see a button like one of these...
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    FSX:SE Countdown Timer

    Anyone know a way to do a countdown timer?
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    Getting started with an air race

    This I know is old/ but check the races in missions.
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    FSXA Pitch and Bank with scenery objects.

    pitch 30 60 and 90 works on objects i have made but I never have gotten bank to work. however I have problems with standard fsx objects working at all. PS been using ADE pro version for years and years.. it is well worth getting.
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    FSXA final stage of mission and need advice please

    Gosh and I am still working on it. 5 races now, only one issue left how to get the on screen timer that starts at gate one to put it's ending time in the profile! 4 years and still have not found the answer. Any suggestions?
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    FSXA change default voice fsxme

    I use Audacity just change the pitch to -19 to 21 for different male voices or +9 to 12 for females add .03 echo and use the equalizer to make it sound just like a headset on a aircraft. Granted there are many other effects you can add to really change the Anna voice to Darth Vader even.
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    FSX creating/initializing mission with SimConnect

    What? First sentence is NO to my limited knowledge. I make missions just for myself. as they never seem quite up to snuff to show others. How ever your "question" is in a version of english I do not know.. But to see if this helps. To make a mission, (ANY basic MISSION) required is just FSX. To...
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    FSXA menu shows at start of mission

    Many many thanks for spending time to answer my request! Sorry, I was in a panic after 3 weeks of trying to figure out what I did different to cause the menu to show at mission start. Before I messed it up, the sound files would play, and after they played Then the menu would show. To try and...
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    FSXA menu shows at start of mission

    here are the nodes leading up to the menu. As soon as the mission starts the menu is there. How do I set it up to display when I need it to?
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    Install Creator

    Yes. Do what I did. I asked the user! You use a text box to tell the user to select their FS9 Directory. and where the path goes you have the user choose. Or call this the "" something.exe"" is the file you need the path to. the %ExePath% is the full path to the exe. also the G:\data is where...
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    FSXA final stage of mission and need advice please

    Note I am not using the Race plugins. I have a working version of the Golden Orb, Qualifying run and the first race is just behind it. I just realized I messed up the timer sequence. You start your run after you pick the aircraft u will fly. You follow the Baron to the First gate. As you fly...
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    ADE 1.67.5876 Beta - Accurate Library Object Footprints

    Thank you, THis is exciting. something new to play with. I down loaded and will make a fly by later today.
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    FSXA Waypoints ignored

    Thanks for looking. I have a plane set up with Jim's Mission editor, You would think it is easy but this for what ever reason is not working right, Proximity Trigger.. SimContainer Waypoint list. with 3 waypoints Proximity Trigger. = On Enter Filter = Container Plane Proximity Trigger. = On...
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    proximity triggers and OnEnterCondition

    :D:D:D:D Thanks. A good reminder to check and check again!