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    How to exclude a helipad default?

    I'm not positive about this - I'm just getting into x-plane scenery (and still very new to WED) but I think you want an exclusion of type "draped polygon". Try it and see. If it's wrong, delete it.
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    How to position a 3D object modelled with SketchUp?

    You don't have to have an airport selected to place objects. You can just create a project for an area. This video shows how to do that (pretty simple, actually). In addition to what is shown in this video, you must first create the folder structure for your area and copy your obj. file and...
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    The I am working on thread

    Greg, I got it to work. On the top part of the map there are a few icons (hand, pin, line tool). Single click the pin, then move your mouse to the location and click again. You'll then get a pop-up asking for a name and description. I just did all this as a test and then deleted the...
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    Gmax Viewport

    I'll be damned if that didn't do the trick. Problem solved. Jees..Advice I've given to many people, many times, for many problems. Thanks Bill. ..and thanks Max.. at least I know what the "key" is now and can turn it off.
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    Gmax Viewport

    I did look at the Customize UI options but nothing in there changes this behavior. I've found that it's not just the viewport labels that don't respond, but right clicking on your object doesn't work either.. no context menus for either action. It's like GMax has just stopped responding to right...
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    getting gmax scenery into fsx

    One other thought; did you install the SDK to the default location? i.e. C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X SDK\SDK\ If not, that could be your problem. If you installed the SDK files to another drive or a custom folder on the C: drive then you need to run the...
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    getting gmax scenery into fsx

    In the FSX SDK there is a folder called "FSX_GamePack". You need to copy that entire folder into your C:\GMax root folder (or wherever you installed GMax). Then, right click the provided Gmax Shortcut (called FSX_Gmax inside the "\FSX_GamePack" folder) and copy that to your desktop. Use that...
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    getting gmax scenery into fsx

    Are you starting Gmax with the shortcut provided in the SDK instead of the default icon? (in the folder \FSX_Gampack)..copy that shortcut to your desktop. Sometimes though, the menu will still fail to load. If so, try opening the menu MAXScript -> Run Script... and click on
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    Gmax Viewport

    I can't believe I'm asking this but.. I have been away from modeling for about 6-9 months and I absolutely cannot remember something extremely simple. I get no context menu when right clicking on a label in a viewport and when I mouse over a label in an inactive viewport, I get that...
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    FSX Light

    Make a copy of your day texture and give it a different name (usually something like texture1.bmp for day, and texture1_lm.bmp for night). Take your night texture into your paint program. Use the marquee tool to outline the parts of your texture you want to be dark at night (you can usually...
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    Well, I stand corrected..

    About a year ago, I argued with someone here about whether or not GMAX was or was not included with the FSX SDK (I think it was Mace..or he was a part of that thread, anyway). Myself and others insisted it was NOT included. It even says so in the documentation. Well, recently I've had to...
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    Night Textures

    Hey Rhett, I have your Terminal D building installed and didn't make the connection that it was yours. It's very nice! I always examine other peoples texture files and you did a good job of keeping them small and still having it look good. I tend to use a little too much detail sometimes. I...
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    Custom Cameras - Spot Views

    Bill, I know there was an article in Computer Pilot Magazine about creating a custom camera view but I cannot for the life of me find now. I'll keep looking. I'm pretty sure it required using XML code (as you did in your workaround). What I can't remember is it pertained to camera...
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    Night Textures

    The method I use (and someone else posted an example of this here recently) is to make a copy of your diffuse texture, add a layer behind it with whatever color/pictures you want to show through and then use the Marquee tool or the Eraser tool to "cut out" the windows on the top Layer. Then...
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    Microsoft texture dimensions limitation annoyance

    If so, be sure to place a small model of Mussorgsky sitting nearby on a park bench. :D