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    Speculation on P3D, Flight and the Price of Coffee

    Apple went crazy. :) 1bn for Samsung to pay. Now that's as insane as it gets. :laughing: And that from a company that has itself only copied stuff from BSD/Linux.
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    Speculation on P3D, Flight and the Price of Coffee

    Found two new apps in standard Ubuntu 12.04 repos: Sorry, but I don't care about coffee. :)
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    Speculation on P3D, Flight and the Price of Coffee

    Still to expensive for me. Same as for 1 Iphone I get almost 10 Xperia Mini pro. Updated to Android 4, it's even better. ;) So you can bet that I don't own a Mercedes...:D but a 16years old Audi A4 Avant. Still runs perfectly, but I want to trade for a electric vehicle soon.
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    X-Plane 10 global edition as new

    Hi for sale my once installed X-Plane 10 from Laminar Research. It comes with global scenery on 8 dual layer DVDs. Since recently it also includes all Aerosoft Airports alike Nice, Faro etc. via online update. Of course it's fully updatable for the whole X-Plane 10 circle. Priced at 50 Euros...
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    X-Plane Convention next month

    That's from the Mallorca convention:
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    FlightGear GIt Toolset

    I use this on Ubuntu: Why not put it in the Wiki? Anyway there's somebody else playing around RPM and I'll send him the fg link of your work. Probably he can merge etc.
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    Iar 80

    Now that's a fine plane: smoke when starting the engine etc.
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    Test pilot the future for FSX

    Yes cool stuff. Hopefully, it won't take years before we can try it...
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    FS9 or FSX - which platform do you support?

    Both are obsolete and I only fire up then and when FSX with Wine on Linux. Better to develop addons for Flightgear or X-Plane.
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    OT; Apple iPad HD is released

    Wasn't Apple in the news only some weeks ago for battery problems? No, my HTC was very good and I've installed lots of apps. I only felt better to sell and wait/have a look at newer and cheaper devices than to see it's value disappear. It costed my ~ 390.-$ and i got back ~300.- at ebay...
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    Nothing more easy but to redirect a can do such for free..don't remember right now the link. I even did alike some years ago.
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    Very good finding...maybe only someone makes fun out of redirecting to the NSA website?
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    OT; Apple iPad HD is released

    That's useless for me. It's only good for viewing video or read news, but not for being creative/work etc. I even had a HTC smartphone, but after mistakenly download crap for 100.- bucks, I've sold it at ebay.
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    MS Flight to be released end of February

    My minimal need is that it runs on Wine, otherways I'll trash it right away. :D
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    MS Flight to be released end of February

    Any PC should run that? Sounds good and if it runs on Linux, I might even buy this or that addon pack.