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Recent content by mottoth

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    MSFS Parking Codes

    Allright, interesting. Maybe Asobo did fix this in one of the latest update, which would be a good move.
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    MSFS Parking Codes

    Some clarifications with parking radii and parking codes: - the radius setting foesn't count the 6 extra meter area for vehicules around the actual stand. So a 18-m stand will accomodate 18-m radius models or less, and the total radius accounted by the sim is 24 meters (meaning two neighboring...
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    Constant CTD in Dev Mode

    I had a CTD yesterday trying the new car park feature in the scenery editor. Most annoying to me is that MSFS freezes most of the time when trying to load my airport project. Couldn't make any progress since yesterday.
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    MSFS Replacement textures are pink from a distance

    Sorry for asking, but... after creating your customs materials based upon Asobo ones, did you update all your aprons with your materials (or did you edit your xml files with your materials GUIDs) ?
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    MSFS Replacement textures are pink from a distance

    To clarify: - in dev mode airport editor, select the asobo/default materiel you're interested in. Look for the path and texture names in the material inspector. - go find those textures (usually 1 albedo and 1 comp file) in the official folder, open them in an image editor (this in the most...
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    Buildings invisible - "Unknown" in object list

    "Unknown" means that the GUID called in your scenery xml does not match anything in the object libraries (including your ModelLib). Generally happens when re-exporting a model with a GUID change. Try to keep the same GUIDs when updating and re-exporting a model.
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    MSFS Replacement textures are pink from a distance

    We had that problem with our OIIE release, we had no other choice than copying default apron textures into our airport materiallib. For example asobo TileConcrete06 material is duplicated as oiie-TileConcrete06, with corresponding textures (albedo and comp) found in Official folders re-exported...
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    MSFS Lines across scenery

    I have the same on apron objects, from a certain height (can't be seen lower or higher), and it's clearly oriented to north. It must be a kind of terrain grid we're not supposed to see. Not sure it has anything to do with a custom aerial as it doesn't appear on the ground but on aprons.
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    MSFS The Parking stand radii: "they are not what they seem"

    Well I don't know that GoodtoBadMatchRate as I never relied on Parked Aircrafts to bring life to airport (I set this slider at 0). Having a GA_medium or GA_small parking doesn't change anything about how the sim is allocating it. The only things taken in account are: - AC Model radius (e.g...
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    MSFS List the things wrong with Sim Update v5

    Haven't tested yet, for now I moved all my offline AI folders out of Community as I need a stable sim to work on my projects.
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    MSFS List the things wrong with Sim Update v5

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    MSFS List the things wrong with Sim Update v5

    It must be this, I can move the MSFS window but I can't move the (large) console window, do that poppup mush be hidden behind.
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    SDK 0.14

    Sorry, this sound so silly but... how / where to download SDK 0.14.0 ? The download button in dev mode does't seem to do anything...
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    MSFS List the things wrong with Sim Update v5

    I can see this too... very annoying. After a couple of hours in dev mode with SU5, here are some other annoyances/bugs: - MSFS hangs after building a package (need to open the task manager to terminate it) - Asobo/MS default materials not displayed on aprons - Scenery objects randomly sliding on...
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    Broken resizing of square aprons - any workarounds?

    At scale 1.0, a square apron is 30m x 30m. Any texture will fill the whole apron object, so you have to scale first you apron object to your need. For a ground sign that is 7 meter wide I would first design my required texture (make it square), then place a square apron at scale 7/30 = 0.233...