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Recent content by MSauce

  1. MSauce

    P3D v4 LLER - Ramon international Airport - Israel

    Hello Felix and other developers of this project Just wow, I am amazed by this airport. Instantly one of my favorites due to the location and architecture. And your representation of it is top-payware level, on par with the best out there. The texturing and model quality is really admirable...
  2. MSauce

    P3Dv4.5 Floating GP in SAWH Ushuaia

    Well, the elevation I set in ADE was 25m, which was the same as the runway and also the ABP flatten. But the GPs where 1.35m floating above that. I confirmed that using the CH+ 9m tool, which I used to eyeball approx 1.4-ish meters. So I changed the elevations up 1.4m, and that made the GPs...
  3. MSauce

    P3Dv4.5 Floating GP in SAWH Ushuaia

    And I tried both P3D and FS8 style GPs, both would float the same. I prefer FS8 style GPs, P3D ones seem a bit unrealistic in color, some are too bright compared to others.
  4. MSauce

    P3Dv4.5 Floating GP in SAWH Ushuaia

    Yeah, did all that. Disabled all ORBX stuff but still no change. Weird it only manifested itself on GPs. AI, and all other visual elements where fine. Really curious what could cause that, but glad to be past it. Tried so many different things to fix it, all the sim restarts took forever and...
  5. MSauce

    P3D v4 Change Lake Color

    Hello again Wondering what is the best way to change the color of Lago Argentino right next to El Calafate airport. As you can see from my screenshot, the color is the typical P3D water (well, I'm using REX so slightly different). But the lake is very glacial and silty and has this milky-blue...
  6. MSauce

    P3D v4 How to Remove ORBX shoreline and land to match foto-ground image of SAWH

    Hello forum, I think this might be the right place to get started on this with SBuilderX I made the fotoground for SAWH with FSEarthTiles, and are pretty far along with the ADE file using ADEP. I'm at the point now where I need to remove the ORBX Vector and Landclass South America land that is...
  7. MSauce

    P3Dv4.5 Floating GP in SAWH Ushuaia

    So after loosing what little hair I have left, I finally just raised the elevation of the airport and ABP to match the floating height of the markings, about 1.35m. Not the best solution, but I simply could not find the problem that was making the GPs not lay above the ground. I did not have any...
  8. MSauce

    Apron Parking. Is Apron Itself Needed?

    You should be able to, as long as they are connected to the taxi paths, AI aircraft will use them. User aircraft can park anywhere pretty much.
  9. MSauce

    Patch ADE 1.78/9 From 32Bit to 64Bit

    Oh, ok, I see what you mean. I get the posted error message when I manually select connect. I don't use the Auto Connect feature.
  10. MSauce

    Why is the line generated by GP editor displaced?

    Hello forum Came upon this thread after searching for the same issue. I'm seeing my GPs generating with an offset from my helper shape. Not a huge deal, but was wondering if a solution was found. I don't see it in all projects, and it seems to remain even if I save/exit/re-open ADE and the...
  11. MSauce

    Patch ADE 1.78/9 From 32Bit to 64Bit

    Hello. Sorry Jon, I dont understand what you mean by turning off the ADE connection to the sim. ADE works fine, it just doesn't connect to the sim. Is there a way to make it work like you say?
  12. MSauce

    Patch ADE 1.78/9 From 32Bit to 64Bit

    This is what I get when trying to connect to P3D version 4.5
  13. MSauce

    P3Dv4.5 Floating GP in SAWH Ushuaia

    Hi guys Don, email sent. Don't know if it is relevant, but I do have the ORBX line of products for this area of the world. Vector, Global, and Landclass for South America. I've also disabled the global SAWH airport files from ORBX, except their ABP file, which I excluded in the ADE file I...
  14. MSauce

    P3Dv4.5 Floating GP in SAWH Ushuaia

    Hello forum My GPs are floating about 5ft in the air, as per the screenshot. I've already made sure that my airport background flatten matches the elevation, and my runway also matches the same elevation. I also tried moving the ARP reference point, but still the same result. The only solution...
  15. MSauce

    FSX FSEarth Tiles not showing satellite Image

    Understood, Thank you Matthias.