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    Need Photo of a KORD Item

    Hi Jalford, While not a photo, this cross-section drawing shows the C-Concourse tower (UAL ramp control) and may be of some interest to you. It's from the Art Institute of Chicago's web page. Here's the link...
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    FSX Taxi Direction

    Something to keep in mind, is that in real life, the outer and inner circle taxiways (Alpha and Bravo) at O'Hare are often used in either direction based on the runway configuration. At least it was the case until the recent shift to all east-west runways. Mark
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    Announcing: Navid's Sky 2017 - Last version

    Beautiful work, Navid! Thank you for sharing your outstanding efforts with the community! Mark
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    FSXA USGS orthoimage GeoTIFF returns error in gdalinfo

    I downloaded a single orthoimage from the USGS Earth Explorer. I unzipped the file, moved the .tif to my FWTools directory and performed a gdalinfo command. I get the following error: TIFFFetchNormalTag: Warning, ASCII value for tag "GeoASCIIParams" does not end in null byte. The rest of...
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    P3D v2 X40 (KINF) Inverness, Florida

    This is absolutely stunning work, Jim! It keeps me inspired to try and learn this scenery design thing! Mark
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    FSX Black and White Image comes out red after resample

    Sounds like a useful tool, ollyau. Thanks!
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    FSX Black and White Image comes out red after resample

    Thank you very much, hcornea. This fixed the problem nicely. For others having a similar issue, I used FWTools to save the GeoTIFF tag data (a .gtf file which has the GIS information), then used Paint Shop Pro to convert my original reprojected grayscale tif file to 24 bit RGB tif. Upon...
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    FSX Black and White Image comes out red after resample

    I have a USGS Digital Ortho-quad (DOQ) that I'd like to use in FSX and ADEX as a background image for template purposes. Thanks to helpful threads on fsDeveloper, I've successfully re-projected the GeoTiff from NAD83 to the proper WGS84 datum. Using a simple .inf sample which Arno posted in...
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    Ideas for terrain textures for historic airport?

    Thank you very much for your reply, Gary! I've noticed that in addition to replies to my previous inquiry, you tend to offer excellent advice and information to many here on You are a perfect example of what is so great about this community! I've downloaded some of the...
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    Ideas for terrain textures for historic airport?

    I'm attempting to start a project to create a historic, or "retro", version of Chicago's O'Hare International Airport circa 1979-80. While I'm a relative beginner at scenery design, my goal is to produce a relatively high-detailed airport scenery including custom ground polys for all ramps...
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    Custom Runways (best practice)?

    You're welcome! Hope it is useful to you.
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    Custom Runways (best practice)?

    Hi Michel, You are correct - the way most people construct custom runways with custom made textures is to make them in segments. Here is a thread with a fantastic link to a tutorial by Bill Womack which describes this method in great detail...
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    FSXA Minimum size of photoreal image for use in FSX?

    Thank you so much GaryGB and hcornea for your responses. You've answered my question and then some! I appreciate all of the information! I've worked a little with SBuilder (the FS9 version) for editing airport background polygons and such, and it sounds like SBuilderX will be very useful for...
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    FSXA Minimum size of photoreal image for use in FSX?

    After some fits and starts, and a couple year vaction from attempting FS9 scenery, I'm getting back into a project to create FS scenery. I'm interested in moving up to FSX, to avoid the 4.75 m/pix resolution restraint in the old FS9 resampler.exe program. Before I spend considerable money on...
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    Our friend toprob

    I'd also like to convey my prayers and best wishes to Robin for a successful surgery and speedy recovery. Mark