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    P3D v4 FSX freeware scenery to prepar3dv4

    I do have other addons for the area like vector etc, but when I deactivate them, the scenery is still the same. on the earlier versions of p3d, like version 3. when I change the order the scenery library, the problem use to solve, but not on p3dv4. Can you maybe please show me how I can...
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    P3D v4 FSX freeware scenery to prepar3dv4

    Hello guys. I wanna ask the experts about creating sceneries. There is this wonderful freeware scenery called "qeqqataX" from to fsx. I have "one small, tiny" issue with it, And I dont know how to fix this issue. this scenery package has 3 airports, BGMQ, BGSS, BGSF, the first...
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    P3D v4 Terrain Issues FSX freeware sceneries in

    Hey Guys I need some help, I have downloaded some FSX freeware sceneries and installed it to P3DV4, I am having some elevation issues with the airports. My question is, is there any fixes on how to recompile old fsx sceneries so I can start using them in p3dv4?