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Recent content by nz255

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    P3D v4 Making a SODE jetway out of a static model

    I believe you can only use 3dsmax for sode jetway scripts. Not Sketchup or blender
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    FSX Taxi Trainer

    Is this a flyable aircraft? I'm guessing SODE doesn't know anything about the aircraft parameters including gear animation (I'm suspecting the gear up config is at the start of the animation?) If you can you should export the mdl with no animations in the position you want. Of course to get it...
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    MSFS Hangar- open door and usable!

    Looking good! Some more inspiration :D https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/open-door-hangar.453494/#post-889699
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    Detailed schematics for airport design

    Sometimes architecture companies post top down and side elevations if you search hard enough. e.g. FlightBeam did Wellington, presumably Mir found these. https://www.caandesign.com/unique-edgy-aesthetic-design-wellington-international-airport-passenger-terminal/
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    MSFS Using Coordinate Converter for MSFS

    Thanks for the quick reply!
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    MSFS Using Coordinate Converter for MSFS

    Hi Arno, I use coordinate converter and the geocentric X, Y to place a backdrop in my modeling program to know it's 1:1 when placed in the sim. Are the results tuned for FSX/P3D? Or will they work in MSFS too? Know idea how it works :) Cheers, Nick
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    MSFS First Project - Small Airfield

    Yes if you make it a SimObject you can edit the xml to include ModelBehaviour. I won't be able to spell it out for you (as I'm not too sure) but I can give you some clues. Have a look at the Windsock sample in the msfs sdk. You could either animate the sign, or use part visibility (meaning it...
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    Normal maps

    From the SDK: The Normal maps used in the rendering engine reassign the Red channel as an Alpha channel and leave the Green and Blue components unchanged. This saves disk space and aids performance.
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    MSFS New Aerodynamics System!

    Not sure what I'm looking at, but glad you're happy :)
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    MSFS Aerial Images (Airport Background)

    Tha I wonder if that’s how the resample tool worked, made ‘mips’ up to the highest resulotion just that it was complied into the bgl
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    How to animate this part of jetway?

    There's extra animation and calulations involved for the rods to pivot and stay 'attached' at the ends. I don't think sode supports this.
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    P3D v5 Sloped Airport Taxiway Creation

    Altitude wise; does it smooth between points? or do you need to define a lot of points to get a smooth result?
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    P3D v4 Smart Dock | VDGS Engine

    That’s some great work! Does it use the AFCAD parking node? Can you define different stop positions for different aircraft types?
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    The RJAA P3DV4 Narita Airport I'm developing, Share some pictures

    The ground work is the best I’ve ever seen! Amazing
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    SODE Visual Docking Guidance Systems

    If the user doesn’t have the pack, has SODE and there are placements, will they see the red x?