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    P3D v5 Sloped Airport Taxiway Creation

    Altitude wise; does it smooth between points? or do you need to define a lot of points to get a smooth result?
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    P3D v4 Smart Dock | VDGS Engine

    That’s some great work! Does it use the AFCAD parking node? Can you define different stop positions for different aircraft types?
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    The RJAA P3DV4 Narita Airport I'm developing, Share some pictures

    The ground work is the best I’ve ever seen! Amazing
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    SODE Visual Docking Guidance Systems

    If the user doesn’t have the pack, has SODE and there are placements, will they see the red x?
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    SODE Visual Docking Guidance Systems

    Well done!
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    Something I Think Bares Attention When Creating a Model from a 2 D Satellite Image

    Ideally you should work off the bottom of the building, where the building intersects the ground. But it's not always possible... In the first picture, check the building at the bottom right of the image, you'll get an idea of the offset you need to take into account.
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    GeoTIFFToINF size limits?

    Yes, I use 90% compression for the output bgl. I was talking about the input tiff. If you don’t compress it (common is LZW) then resample doesn’t have to uncompress it first so the resample process finishes a lot sooner.
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    GeoTIFFToINF size limits?

    It also runs a lot faster if the input tiff isn't compressed. But then you have to work around larger the file size.
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    How Do I model Buildings that are on Sloping Terrains

    I think sketchup pro has the ability to download the elevation data from google earth as a base
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    Substance B2M ... too good to be true?

    Excuse me, I'm wrong... looks like you set the emissive map and make it 'AdditiveNightOnly' under the 'Emissive Mode'. The IR bit was talking about a switch in the 'old' materials...
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    Substance B2M ... too good to be true?

    I think I read that emmisive for PBR materials in P3D is for things like the IR Camera?
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    GPW command line?

    Correct. Thanks for your time.
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    Hangar lights?

    Yeah, I’m saying one inch might not be enough. I don’t have FSX SE to try but what happens if the walls are further apart. Like 6 inches?
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    Hangar lights?

    Seems like a rendering issue. The face is too close and causing some bleed though. You notice it because of the large difference in colour. You might just have to find a workaround at this point. Why not use LODs to make a version that will be seen at a distance, and make the gap between the...
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    WGS84 imagery stretched

    Edit it in it ‘non stretched’ form, then convert it to WGS84 when you want to export it to the sim. It will be stretched in WSG84 projection ( possibly) unless you’re on the equator.