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Recent content by OleBoy

  1. OleBoy

    FSX Blender vs. 3ds

    Blender has entered my modeling thoughts now for quite some time. My slight peeve would be learning the new GUI interface and the lack of roll-outs! Better choices, so little free time to venture outside a comfort zone. I enjoyed this topic.
  2. OleBoy

    To those that have helped me along in the hobby

    To all those that have helped me in my times of struggle, as I learn my way. My gaining your knowledge and wisdom in this realm of flight simulation has helped me more than you know. You know who you are, as I have met but a few in my path. Those who could see my potential in wanting to learn, I...
  3. OleBoy

    UVW Mapping in Gmax – tutorial series

    Tom, this is long awaited. You know my frustrations. Thanks for taking the time to put this together. I'm hopeful your tutorial will get me over a hurdle I've been behind for quite some time. "The grass is always greener on the other side". I can't wait to cut the rug! Thanks again :cool:
  4. OleBoy

    Blender to FSX Toolset

    Blender is a program I've heard lots about as a step-forward from Gmax. To also add, I like the price! I've been modeling with Gmax for over a year now with lots more to learn. This is also (or will be) compatible with Prepar3D v2? Keep up the great work!! I'll be watching this topic :D
  5. OleBoy

    FSXA Rotor Blade Animation, tagging & visibility problems

    I deleted everything but the main rotors. I'm going to start over and do this in stages, rather than all at once like I was attempting. If I still have issues this go round, I'll take stills or make a video of the issues and report here. Thanks George!
  6. OleBoy

    FSXA Creating blinking lights?

    A question if I may. My working with effects files is at an early stage. In my experiments I have created a single-sided poly as an attach point, and placed accordingly. I have attached the effect as the left nav light. This does the trick, but my brain is thinking outside the box. Is it best...
  7. OleBoy

    Kaman Kmax WIP

    Very good! Now you can teach me! :D A video in mp4 of animations to the landing struts. Sorry, it must be downloaded and watched in Windows Media Player (or other). 70mb http://sdrv.ms/1dcXmfm
  8. OleBoy

    FSXA Config file assistance needed, Contact points,static comp, etc

    It never ceases to amaze that someone can come up with a solution. What with the amount of knowledge there is in the shadows of forums that aid someone like myself, my frustrations from doing it blindly set me to whits fuse and a flash point. I'm glad I posted the video for a nice visual of...
  9. OleBoy

    Kaman Kmax WIP

    More in the animation dept. Experimenting with the servo flap animations. http://sdrv.ms/1csAASf
  10. OleBoy

    Kaman Kmax WIP

    A few videos I made while testing animations. http://sdrv.ms/18mo3yf
  11. OleBoy

    Kaman Kmax WIP

    Update 11-26-2013 I'm having trouble understanding your meaning to your troubles, as I am fairly new to modeling myself. I will help where I can if you can be a little more descriptive on the trouble. Still picking at it trying to bring it to life. Building new parts and overall scaling...
  12. OleBoy

    Kaman Kmax WIP

    Model Progress Update 11-17-2013 Click on the Kaman Kmax "folder" to go inside. http://sdrv.ms/16TXT5a