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Recent content by olseric

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    FSXA XML Elements and Triggers

    Send me an e-mail and I'll be happy to send you the final gauge. olseric <at> charter <dot> net
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    FSX effects for lights

    It's easier to do this in the gMax model itself by creating an attachpoint and putting a light, such as a taxi light, on it.
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    FSX Fuel Cutoff and Hydraulic Pump switch

    It depends upon how the switches are mapped. You could write a line that when the gauge loads, it defaults it to a certain position and with a certain condition.
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    FSXA XML Elements and Triggers

    All figured out now. :) Case Closed.
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    TACAN Navigation

    I know that I'm digging up a tremendously old thread, but did this project ever materialize? I would be very interested if it did.
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    FSXA XML Elements and Triggers

    Got it working another way (tank percentage). ;) But I'd still like to use the gallons converted to pounds if I could. Any idea why that line of code isn't translating and evaluating correctly? I managed to create a 2nd gauge that just gave me a center readout in lbs and it worked just fine...
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    FSXA XML Elements and Triggers

    <Element> <Select> <Value> (L:center_fuel_status,number) 1 == if{ ((A:FUEL TANK CENTER QUANTITY, gallons) (A:FUEL WEIGHT PER GALLON, pounds) *) 2200 &gt; if{ 6 (&gt;K:FUEL_SELECTOR_SET) 6 (&gt;K:FUEL_SELECTOR_2_SET) 2 (&gt;L:center_fuel_status,number) }...
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    FSXA XML Elements and Triggers

    Found my answer to that, but now this isn't working at all: <Element> <Select> <Value> (L:center_fuel_status,number) 1 == (A:FUEL TANK CENTER QUANTITY,pounds) 2200 &gt; &amp;&amp; if{ 6 (&gt;K:FUEL_SELECTOR_SET) 6 (&gt;K:FUEL_SELECTOR_2_SET) 2...
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    FSXA XML Elements and Triggers

    Okay, I don't know if this will work, but lemme give it a try. ;) <Element> <Position X="0" Y="0"/> <Select> <Value>(L:center_fuel,bool) 1 == (A:FUEL TANK CENTER QUANTITY,pounds) 2200 > and if { 1 } els { 0 }</Value> <Case Value="1"> <Image...
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    FSXA Scenery Object Bank

    Thanks for the heads-up. Kinda means I'm screwed then using default FSX library objects. :mad:
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    FSXA Scenery Object Bank

    ...yeah me neither. :D Thanks anyway. :)
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    FSXA Scenery Object Bank

    FSX, but thanks Arno. Any ideas as to a work-around short of compiling a new model "sideways"?
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    FSXA Scenery Object Bank

    Okay, so I place the object with XML, it shows up, no issue there. I adjust the bank value and it does NOTHING to the model. Is this an FS bug or is there something else I can do to override it so the model is actually "laying on its side"? Thanks!
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    FSXA Spotlights / Ground Lights

    Weird. I'll take that advice then about using the taxi lights. :teacher: Yeah, that was straight out of the SDK regarding Z positioning, so I guess it makes sense. :scratchch
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    How to make these light effects?

    Cian, read here: http://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/showthread.php?t=17636