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  1. Orswell

    P3D native groundpoly

    Hey, late to the thread but I helped test it (I'm a LM dev) and use it on internal scenery quite a few times with multiple layers of taximarks, and ground polygon materials. I'm happy to help. I'm looking for other people to use it too! Right now I'm trying to figure out how to use an...
  2. Orswell

    Forest and tree classification resources?

    Check out the NLCD, National Land Class dataset, It was available from USGS. It's ~30m resolution and so it's not going to be perfect but it would be a good place to start.
  3. Orswell

    Autocompletion Error with Prepar3D and scene proc

    I have Prepar3D installed and the FSX path set to: C:\Program Files (x86)\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D Prepar3D has the autogen folder at the same level as the .exe which I thought was similar to FSX.
  4. Orswell

    FSX 3ds max 2012 & MCX Texture problem

    xflash. If you want to use a .bmp file as the final texture. Don't check "Use DDS Files". If you were to open the .x file with a notepad editor, you may see that your .bmp extension have changed to .dds and that is why it is not loading in FSX.
  5. Orswell

    FSX Odd Polys in P3D/FSX

    by faceted, he meant remove the smoothing groups
  6. Orswell

    FSX Odd Polys in P3D/FSX

    I've had this problem too a while back. dmaher suggested this method, which worked one time, but i've also seen this not work in occasions or just offset the problem to a new polygon. "I would combine the fuselage with a cube, then deleted the cube. Then I'd set the normals to faceted...
  7. Orswell

    FSX Odd Polys in P3D/FSX

    I'm curious, do you have a specular or bump with this texture, and if you remove those does it go away?
  8. Orswell

    FSX P3D and FSX, Differences

    Which aircraft are you talking about? Have you noticed this with any of the default aircraft, that are shared between FSX and Prepar3D? Something that comes to mind is maybe your joystick settings like sensitivity could be different between the 2 applications that could cause this effect.
  9. Orswell

    FSX return to center switch with 5 inputs...

    Tom, I'm using Prepar3D. The animation .xml logic is the same and my names represent the functionality.
  10. Orswell

    FSX return to center switch with 5 inputs...

    rpmc, sorry wasn't even really correct calling it pseudo code which wouldn't have any syntax attempt. I just meant the variable names there are not really what I'm using and I know they dont' exist in FSX natively. Thanks for the example to follow Volo, I'll try and see what I can adopt.
  11. Orswell

    FSX return to center switch with 5 inputs...

    hi rpmc, Thanks for looking at it. That is really pseudo code, and lets just pretend there are valid A: and K: variables with those names. The mouse rectangle example I posted works as a single click and returns to center using the on and off values. Not sure how to combine it with the...
  12. Orswell

    FSX return to center switch with 5 inputs...

    I like to type these out and hopefully teach myself something trying to explain them in addition to maybe getting a tip from you wizards. My switch is a 3 way switch with a spring back to center but the return to center is controlled by a separate input than the movement right and left. So...
  13. Orswell

    FSX help with M:X and a 3 input, left drag knob?

    Thanks Bill!
  14. Orswell

    FSX help with M:X and a 3 input, left drag knob?

    So, I was able to use the lever_fuel_selector_LOR as a template and get what I needed. In my case, I don't need case statements to re order the inputs like the lever_fuel_selector. I'm not sure why "40" is picked still as the number to divide by. But this works :) (M:Event)...