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    FSXA BN2A MKIII Trislander

    Joey has two 3 bladed props where this only has 2?
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    P3D v3 Compile Error

    Ok I will do but it will have to wait till after the weekend as I will be away from my computer till then. My thinking is that it maybe something to do with the p3d sdk and the ADEGP editor as it will compile the project without the GP objects Paul
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    P3D v3 Simple animation

    Hopefully just a quick question. What do I use instead of tick 18.
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    Excluding Autogen not working

    Have you got any orbx land class ?
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    WINDOWS 10

    Hi sorry for the long delay. I ve cracked it didn't have the right sdk. Everything is hunky dory now. Thanks once again
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    WINDOWS 10

    Hi thanks for the reply will give it a try tonight at home.
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    FlightPort SimObjects: Windsocks for SODE

    Is there any chance please you could include an orange windsock as they have in the uk. Thanks Paul
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    EGPD - Aberdeen

    Looking good , I produced a version of Aberdeen many moons ago (for fs2002 / 04 I think) so it must be time for a new version. If you need any help give me a buzz. Paul
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    Background Image in ADE

    All fine with GMapCatcher now I think I had a browser problem
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    Background Image in ADE

    Doesn't seem to work for me
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    FSXA Attached object editor

    Hi just a quickie, if I attach an effect (strobe) to an a/c is there a way to have it controlled by the default strobe switch(on/off)?
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    Background Image in ADE

    Hi has anyone got a good link for GMapCatcher, have googled it and unable find anything newer than 0805. Thanks
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    base file not accessible error

    heres the offending file
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    base file not accessible error

    Nope more problems, AFLT will process the fs9 version(but ADEX wont compile it) of the model but not the FSX version of the same model.