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  • I hope that you can explain this difference to me, so that I can adjust my fx-file to show the effect in the right timing.

    Thanks in advance,
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    When I start P3Dv3 and go to the location of the lighthouse I can see my lighthouse with the light effect nicely but there is one strange thing. The lighthousecharacter is Fl 2 W 5s, which means 2 white flashes every 5 seconds, as far as I know. In FXEditor the effects shows this cycle correctly, but in P3D the cycle takes about 15 seconds: 2 flashes and after that about 15 seconds dark.
    Therefore I made an effect with FXEditor and attached this effect the my lighthouse with MCX, made a new BGL file and replaced the old one. I placed the new effect-file in the Effects folder of P3Dv3.
    Hi Pierrot,

    I write you this message because I saw that you are busy with lighthouses and so am I. I build my lighthouses (around Ireland) with SketchUp and after that I convert and place the lighthouse with MCX. I also want to add an effect to the lighthouses with a light that has the characteristics of the lighthouse in the real world.
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