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    Water polygon affects the terrain in FSX

    1/ As said above, the quick way is to draw a poly for your river, and tag it with Legacy_LWM_Water_Flatten. So, you do not have to worry with elevations! This will just "color" your poly as water, following the surface, even if there are hills or holes; that may give a strange render. It may be...
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    Hello Is it possible to use Mapcarta as tile server for sbx? I work on project with lots of streams and water polys, and mapcarta gives precise elevations (contour lines) to draw lakes and sloped water poly for streams. So far, I use GE or mapcarta on an other screen to read elevation...
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    SbuilderX v315 .SBP files deleted after a fail compile .

    Hello I just read this post and can give an indication I hope useful if you "lose" your sbuilder files. Some months ago I deleted a sbx files, but I still have de compiled cvx file. I used cvx extractor ver 102; you recover shp files and import them to rebuild your sbx project; it needs some...
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    FSX SBX set as hole problem

    Hello; I report some tips about "set as hole" problems I encontered. Thousands of waterpoly(flat or slope) and holes already drawn!!! 1/ some "holes" may be seen correctly in TMFViewer, but in fact not appear in FSX; for a more sure control (without opening FSX), you may use MapWindows GIS...
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    road altitude problem

    hello sometimes I encountered altitude problem with roads; in some places road lines show in fsx as "canyons" beacause they sink at altitude 0. I noticed this problem sometimes next to QMID grid? thanks for help to solve this problem. Pierrot - Madagascar project.
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    Satellite view position problem

    Hello I'm still working on FSX Madagascar project with SBX. Presently precise satellite views have been largely improved with GE and VirtualEarth. Because of clouds or imprecise areas, I have to work with both. However, I've got trouble with position of views; when changing between 2...
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    FSX Problem with old shorelines and flooding

    A useful suggestion: In TMF Viewer take a screen of the concerned part of default cvx (here the 2 QMID11) in bmp format; then add it as background in SBX project (easy calibration with QMID lines). So you can see all elements you have to rework.
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    FSX Problem with old shorelines and flooding

    A possibility (I don't know the concerned files so far): TMF Viewer allows to see the nodes of default shoreline; maybe it's composed of several lines; if the exclusion rectangle doesn't intercept all pieces of default shoreline, so some of them would remain.
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    FSX Problem with old shorelines and flooding

    Hello I need to compare the stock elements and what you have drawn to analyze problem; so could you send me a screen of the bgl file you have created opened with TMFViewer (set view QMID level 11, and show the bottom line with important infos: coordinates, Dir#...., File#...., QMID.... ). If...
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    SBX tile server problem

    Hello Some weeks ago internet connection in my workplace changed. Before, it was a direct connection, now we need to use a proxy. I configured my computer to access the proxy. I can connect to internet, but it doesn't work with SBuilder tile server. Google Earth program (alone) works...
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    Map server

    Hello Thanks for answer. Presently, a new coverage of Madagascar is available for "blurry" parts. With the latest dll, problem is fixed and I have a great work to do!!! Pierrot - FMEP
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    Map server

    Hello I presently use Google server to get maps as backdraw to improve my Madagascar sceneries (no photoreal, just to draw roads, shorelines, ...), most of them at zoom 14; it works correctly. However, some areas are not yet covered in Google with detailed maps. I found on site...
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    FSX did sbuilderx can make it?

    Hello SBX supports extrusion bridges, but it seems to work not perfectly (I had a post recently about this). On your "above" road line, you break at both bridge ends; then select the future bridge line and open the line properties window; you have a extrusion bridge item where you can...
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    river polys

    Hello Concerning automatic backup: my problem was due to the fact I open the myname file instead of myname_BAK file ; this one is the latest working version. If I open the myname file, it is rapidly saved as a BAK file, and both are older version. Now it works; I open the latest BAK...
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    river polys

    Thanks for interest, and all your helps since some years! Ok! a tuto would be useful, but I have no time presently, and my web connection is too slow for pics. Particularly, choice of slope may cause problem for many people (definition is based on vertical gap (in meters or feet), and...