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    FSX 747-800 - Fighting the Ailerons

    Is this the default 747?
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    Huey UH-1B/C/M and UH-1D/H pending release

    Not bad! I like it! The only things i noticed were that the first picture looked a little dark, and also the rotor shaft and the metal stuff there looked a little boxy, but maybe it is like that in real life.
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    FSX Mackall Army Airfield

    Nice one! Are there any others that go with it, or other work you have done like it?
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    Producing Payware

    Perhaps if you viewed it as two parts, a freeware part, with default stuff, and a payware part, that includes the stuff you made, that might work? you just get the freeware along with the payware?
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    FSX Land of island not showing

    What rumbaflappy said, Make an exclude water polygon thing, doesnt matter what shape or size, inside of the QMID grid there where the island is. Then, add the water around the outside of it using water polys.
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    Getting back into designing

    Welcome back! :D Not sure about the lettering, the buildings, i think the easiest way would be to use sketchup. if you can, use Modelconverterx or something to stick the building in sketchup, and edit the texture, maybe you dont even need to touch sketchup, just a dds tool and photoshop.
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    DIY cockpit HID info

    I am interested in taking apart a keyboard to use the electronics in a custom control panel and i'm wondering what the best way to do things are. I want to be able to use rocker switches. I think i can have one key for on, and one for off, but i need a way to tell fsx "if key is on, set lights...
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    Tiles nearby will not display (photoreal textures)

    The problem is, SBX cant handle anything large, its hard to do anything more than about one 10x10 image at zoom 14, which is the largest you can do. Very hard to cover a large area.
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    FS2004 CYUL refused any of excludes

    Not sure frankly. if excludes dont work, maybe try playing with whats activated in your scenery library? if it goes away just by unchecking some of the extra stuff you have added, then there you have it, someone added it to an unrelated airport.
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    Tiles nearby will not display (photoreal textures)

    huh? uh... well in SBX when i did the maps it said 7x5 at zoom 8. i tried zoom 13 earlier and that had the same problem, but i could see it much nearer. EDIT: making them with zoom 13 doesn't work, but 14 does, so everything has to be at least zoom 14 with SBX it seems...
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    Tiles nearby will not display (photoreal textures)

    So i have placed images from VE using SBX, but when i go to view them in FSX only the parts far away display, everything nearby is just normal flightsim landclass. Whats going on here? :confused: EDIT: it appears i can change the size of the problematic area around my plane by adjusting the...
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    Suggestions thread?

    Is there a thread somewhere, or a section, where people can request things? Sometimes when we run out of something to do(if ever) it would be nice to get some inspiration from a thread of people asking for stuff. Does such a thing exist here? if not, can we make something like that?
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    Need help finding carriers i placed in FSX

    So i placed some default FSX carriers in 11 locations, but three of them i cant find. they are in the northern arabian sea, meditteranean (south of cyprus) and off the coast of africa, i was wondering what i should do, i'm doing a search grid for now trying to find them. Edit: i have the files...
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    Aircraft carrier airport codes or ICAO

    I think i'll just use the CV## codes because they are all similar and make more sense.
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    Aircraft carrier airport codes or ICAO

    I am working on a project of placing aircraft carriers around the world and each one needs its individual callsign, and i'm wondering what to use, For instance, should i use a version of the ships code? like CV65, or the international callsign, NIQM?