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    P3D v4 SH Parking Dyn Light - The light that moves with you

    I am so very sorry to have given you any impression that I was insulting you, Rainer, or degrading your work. It had been my intention to augment your addon actually, to inform that one does not have to modify the simulator in any way, to get full daytime visibility conditions, because effect...
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    P3D v4 SH Parking Dyn Light - The light that moves with you

    This is the "Showcase Forum" and in it we are informing other than ourselves. You seem as unfamiliar with the functionality of the Time Preview window, as you seem familiar with Rainer's motivations. Drop down menu, move one slider, it's that simple.
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    P3D v4 SH Parking Dyn Light - The light that moves with you

    FYI, P3D has a time preview window, which has no effect on simulator elapsed time. You can change the rendered time of day and also the rate of progression.
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    Adding artificial islands

    One of the first rules for creating land in the simulator is to understand the default state of the world is covered in water. To create land, you must first exclude the water. A very common mistake is to covert an entire grid to land. I believe ADE can create simple islands, but for more...
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    VRMM Float Plane Base in P3Dv4.5HF2

    OK, so you refuse to peruse the forums of the publisher Aerosoft, on the assumption that people who understand what you assume to be the problem, do not post there, but congregate at this site uniquely. Before learning if the problem has been encountered and solved there, you'd prefer someone do...
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    VRMM Float Plane Base in P3Dv4.5HF2

    The first thing I would do would be to click on over to the Aerosoft forums and look around and see if maybe I might the exact same question posed there.
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    FSX 3D Grass View Distance

    Are you asking the guy that posted in 2016?
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    SketchUp Buildings not to scale in ADE

    You can save yourself a few steps and download terrain, as well as building footprints, directly into Sketchup using the Oob plugin. This reduces the chances for procedural errors.
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    DC Designs Concorde ( FSX, P3D & FS2020 )

    I like the little tug that could.
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    Model converter x question and obj attachments

    Range is not a metric of distance. Range applies to the field of possible values between two numbers. Since an audio file has a distinct beginning and end, I believe you may have to employ a effect controller to invoke it.
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    P3D v4 Resolved: Resample.exe "Pixel width and height must be greater than zero"

    I'm pretty sure Luis did not go into detail about compile errors - or I'd remember, because then the document would be reference instead of a tutorial; but, if you need someone to type in your problem, click search and post the link to those Google search terms, we're done here! If you'd like to...
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    Cars Animation

    That tool edits animations only. You need to first create an animation sequence using key frame animation software that looks largely like video editing software and differs from Sketchup mainly in it's ability to export to the simulator compatible .x file, or .mdl file format. You could also...
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    Cars Animation

    Sketchup created animations do not work in the simulator.
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    DirextX Importer for 3ds Max?

    Wasn't the term for it ESP? Maybe those links will help, its like a lost art. You start reading through some of those reviews and documents and it seems like Microsoft put a lot of thought into it before they changed direction. I think they saw the rise of AI. Won't be long before we create a...
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    Gauges are dark in SkySpirit 777

    The video card might be missing lighting support.