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    MSFS Presenting Highest Value SimVar in XML

    this is great - thank you !
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    MSFS Presenting Highest Value SimVar in XML

    Hi all Sorry I am feeling so dumb but cannot work out simple code to find highest value of 3 SimVars I have a really long and cumbersome if code below which doesn't seem to work <Code> (A:TURB ENG ITT:1, celsius) > (A:TURB ENG MAX TORQUE PERCENT:1, percentage)...
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    MSFS Locked Empty CG Position %mac

    Hey all I have an odd one With all my aircraft when you go into Weights & Balance on Aircraft (from World Map) you are able to move the EMPTY CG POSITION %MAC slider.. all except one aircraft I have been through every .cfg file comparing to others and cannot spot where this variable would...
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    MSFS Setting values for MIXTURE_LEAN MIXTURE_RICH TurboProp

    Hey all I have been scratching my head with a turborpop engine trying to find where to enter a value for LEAN and RICH mixture Essentially I would like Engine Off (will use Fuel Cut Off) this is fine Engine Idle (40% fuel mixture) Engine Rich (100% fuel mixture) If anybody can point me...
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    MSFS Setting LVAR in .FLT

    thank you - that is just what I was looking for!
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    MSFS Setting LVAR in .FLT

    Hey all So sorry if this is a dumb question - but is it possible to set an LVAR value in .flt files? For example if I started on a runway a particular LVAR Boolean = 1 ? thanks
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    MSFS Station_Load.n - Last parameter?

    - 0 (Unknown) - 1 (Pilot) - 2 (Copilot) - 3 (Passenger) - 4 (Front Pax) - 5 (Rear Pax) - 6 (Baggage)
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    MSFS Raindrops keep falling on my head.... well sort of

    of course - thank you will give that a try
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    MSFS Raindrops keep falling on my head.... well sort of

    Hi all - Seasons greetings to you all I have an odd issue with rain effects on the cockpit windscreen that I haven't seen before. This is my 3rd aircraft build and have never seen this issue before. I create the environmental occluder over the aircraft as always, msfs2020 properties set...
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    MSFS Dev Mode & Building now Toast.....

    Been building packages quite happily in SU7, when from 10am today constant CTD's when building a package using either the Build Package in Dev Mode and NOW the fspackagetool. Does not work even on previous successful builds. Just sits, hangs and dies. Dev mode has been painful with all assists...
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    MSFS HTML Gauge Creation - Paid Project

    Hi all Looking to pay for a number of gauges to be created for an inflight project. Will display Simvar values in cockpit instruments. There are some great example / tuition projects on here but we are running out of time with other tasks and so are willing to pay for work with a view to us...
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    MSFS fspackagetool no longer displays console when building package since SU6

    same. I also work with a lot of different model builds so it is not easy for me to make 1 batch file - all possible but hugely time consuming that disrupts workflow. In my "other life" if I created shoddy work like this I would be out on my ear in no time. Appreciate the enormity of the...
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    MSFS fspackagetool no longer displays console when building package since SU6

    Has anybody else experienced this? I use the fspackagetool a lot to build packages and check for console errors before building or launching in MSFS It appears that this tool has not been updated since 14th January 2021 and whilst it does its job of building packages it no longer shows the...
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    MSFS Play Full Animation in Model Behaviours

    I have a number of animations that are long (500+ key frames) and I want the animation to play to the end before carrying on Looking through the SDK documentation I cannot see anything that would say - play the full animation I suppose I could create an IF statement with timer that adds 1 per...