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  • Rpmc..can you tell me if any ports need to be opened in the router or exceptions created in the firewall of windows 10? This is for GE VIEW.
    Sorry - should have told you that GE VIEW 2 and FSX on same machine. Where is the kml that is supposed to be loaded? I have no kml files on my machine that I can find.
    EarthProxy does that for you, as discussed in the posting and the documentation. If HttpX.dll and Compound_Rotation.xml were installed properly, then just double click EarthProxy.exe to start everything.
    Punt 2 this GE VIEW windows parameters I have installed in a pane.cfg of a Cesna C172. I would like to send you a picture of it but I do not know how to do it. I am brand new in FSDeveloper. I have not understood the installation description: "create a new folder name GE VIEW within the aircraf't's PanelFolder" is meant this panel folder in the FSX folder or panel of the Cesna C172
    I have not understood: "First, did HttpX.dll and XMLTools.dll install properly? FSX should have asked you if you are both of those modules." I tried to install these files and did not happen, I think DLL files can not be installed.
    Hi RPMC, impressive to be able to use it this way in FSX. could i also please have the new HTTPX v2.0 please as i love it!
    hello RPMC! I would love to try beta version of Httpx.dll I loved the first version very much, but it stopped working. Thanks!
    I would also like to beta test version 2.0 of HttpX.dll
    Could you send me a link to a copy?
    Great work btw... :)
    I like to get a copy of version 2.0 of HttpX.dll! Thanks!

    Hi, Valladolid from Spains
    Hello Angel

    Please do not get me wrong, but I'll say it anyway. It is not a good idea to post your email so openly. It is better to contact our friends by starting a conversation.
    Hello again, Bob.

    I'd love to get a copy of the latest version of Earth Proxy! Thanks!


    Any update on Earth Proxy? Is Robbie McElrath still able to work on it?

    I have it working beautifully with FSX Steam Edition. I think it should be released for all to use and enjoy.
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