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    Reciprocal bearing value ( SOLVED )

    First thing you might try is (L:CEX_nav1_TACAN_brg, degrees) 180 + dnor) There is also a wiki about dealing with negative values returned by (A:NAV RADIAL:1, degrees) if that's in your code somewhere. Bob
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    FSX GE View 2: HttpX 2.0 and EarthProxy 1.2 FSX thru P3D v3

    Pat, Please check your FSDeveloper Inbox (upper right corner of the screen) and let's troubleshoot this using private conversation. Bob
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    XML Gauge rounding to nearest 10 unit

    1038 10 / near 10 *
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    Fuel bar widthcode problem ( SOLVED )

    Thanks, but no legend here - make too many mistakes. One has to be as good as, say, Roman (Spokes2112), to name just one, to be a legend. Bob
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    Fuel bar widthcode problem ( SOLVED )

    IIRC, WidthCode should be proportional to Rectangle width, so, if that's correct, you might try <WidthCode>(A:FUEL TOTAL QUANTITY, gallons) (A:FUEL TOTAL CAPACITY, gallons) / 300 *</WidthCode> Hope it works, Bob
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    Airplane icon is not attached to the map

    You'll find a thorough discussion here and here. Also, working examples of the moving map written using FSX XML schema can be found in the gauges folder of the P3D directory. Unzip the file to see it. If you are unfamiliar with the difference between FSX XML schema (which is what you...
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    Airplane icon is not attached to the map

    Do you want the map to be stationary and the airplane .bmp move across the map as the flight progresses? Or, do you want the airplane .bmp to be stationary and the map to move underneath it as the flight progresses? Either is possible although the gps module was written with the latter in mind...
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    FSX GE View 2: HttpX 2.0 and EarthProxy 1.2 FSX thru P3D v3

    @SemyuelShekh and @babar66, Gentlemen, Could we take this out of the main forum and discuss offline in a private conversation - the envelope icon in upper right corner of the screen. Sem, thank you so much for taking the time to write informative responses. You offer great advice and...
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    Reverse Polish Notation

    FS9 XML and FSX XML are another way of saying FS9 XML Schema and FSX XML Schema. Do a search for Schema in This Forum (upper right hand corner of this page) and you'll get lots of hits. Hope this helps, Bob
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    Plane icon not showing in bitmap

    When it cycles to the map, the plane icon is not showing ... It seems like that there's something missing ... True. Take a look at the gauge starting at <Element id="Screen3">. That's the start of the map part and there's no airplane icon .bmp or airplane polygon element included. Open up...
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    FSX GS Lock light (2d Gauge)

    Try using (A:HSI CDI needle, number) and/or (A:HSI GSI needle, number) together with (A:NAV1 HAS GLIDESLOPE, bool). When (A:HSI CDI needle, number) or (A:HSI GSI needle, number) exceed a certain value, the light goes off.
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    Creating a String Variable

    No. L:Vars can accommodate numbers only. A few ways to handle strings is discussed in this FSDeveloper Wiki - Storing Strings. There is also a general discussion about strings found in the gps module guidebook starting on page 202. Finally, search for "strings" in this site and you'll find...
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    FSX GS Lock light (2d Gauge)

    A couple of things: First, try (A:NAV1 HAS GLIDESLOPE, bool) . Second, test A:Var bools for equal to zero, or not equal to zero. Don't test them for equal to one. We sometimes assume that if Nav 1 has glideslope, the bool will return 1, but the value returned depends on the source. It's 1...
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    GPS map problem

    No simple cure, or parameter selection for this that I'm aware of. You can edit your color palette to derive a set that works with TerrainShadow=1, or use one of the palettes shown on page 34 of the fsmap guidebook. This particular issue is described on pg 36. Bob
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    FSX Prop Amps Var

    There's no A:Var for prop amps. In its most basic form, it's binary - if prop anti-ice is off, zero amps, if on, then a certain amount of amps depending on number of blades. Consult the flight manual of the aircraft for normal values. If you want to get creative, you could model partial...