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    Thanks for your quick response, Shaun. I can't get MCX to load the file properly. I'm going to forget about it until after Christmas now though! Have a good on yourself.
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    I am using ORBX UK and I am delighted with it. However, I live on the Isle of Wight, and its most significant landmark, The Needles lighthouse is missing its chalk stacks, which appear to be cut off at sea level. I have found some bgls of the lighthouse plus stacks designed for fs9, and I have...
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    AIR file: Tables 1502 to 1507 plus EPR and EGT

    Intake area I read with great interest the thread concerning jet engine tables. I'm working on the Iris F35B, and used the table info in the thread to try to get correct aircraft performance above Mach one and beyond Mach 1.5. I found I had to alter significantly the Mach/drag tables to get...