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  • Hi Jon

    Tom Here
    i figured out how to get a hotel out on Klas for my airport. but now i'm trying to get a parking garage out out of Kmke and it's differant from getting it from klas. the file was a mbl file for the klas hotel i wanted, i can't seem to find find the right file for the garage from the kmke can you help?
    Hi Jon,

    I have successfully added model files to ADE and now would like to add entire scenery object libraries. I have several libraries that I created using FSDS for use in MS FSX and would really like to use them in ADE for P3D v4.5.. Iere a way?

    Larry B
    Hi Jon i'm still stuck on trying to find out if there is a way to edit or add an airspace to and airport.


    hi im trying to add my own textures in ADE to use in my scenery im working on. but it is showing me pixelated ground. i saved the texture as 24 and 32 bit bmp format and placed them in their respective places. what am i doing wrong? i think it further need to be changed. can yu pls help me?
    Please ask this in the ADE support forum. Someone there will be able to help
    Hello. I purchased a Pro-key for ADE. my e-mail is Just checking in =)
    Thanks for purchasing the ProKey. I think your license has been issued
    Can I import ASM Files to make aprons instead of ground polys in ADE?
    I do not think so. ADE supports only FS9 and later for aprons
    Hi Scruffyduck :)
    I'd like to ask a question if you don't mind. Is it possible/Is there any way to delete a thread that's already posted?
    Please any answer?
    i am planning to build a ww2 airport however i am confuse is it legal or ilegal as i will be using an aerodrome background from the 40s 50s greyscale that i found online...obviously i will be doing an overhaul of this image as it is too small ecc.

    jean paul
    I am having a small problem with the LAT and LONG.
    I am using FSX to get the LAT and LONG for the area i am working on, but when i add them to the LAT and LONG location on the Airport reference point, it tells me that the seconds part not Valid. FSX lists the seconds for these as LAT. 7.75' and the LONG seconds 31.31'
    How do i get the correct LAT and LONG seconds for this area.
    Do you mean that when you enter them into ADE it reports an error in the format? If so can you please give me the latitude and longitude values exactly as you are entering them?
    Hi Mr. ScruffyDuck!

    Your Airport Designer program is excellent!

    Kris :)
    Not just excellent. It's extremely amazing ScruffyDuck! ADEX is an important software which no one can make a scenery without it!
    Thank you so much ScruffyDuck for this amazing softwares! =D :)
    I found out the other day by accident that I have two accounts on the web site #1) this4dave2 and #2) David R. Wooster I really don't need two accounts should one of them be cancelled?
    If so please cancel the account David R. Wooster.

    then I can update this4dave with any changes like my email has changed.

    thank you
    Jon, Seems I ordered a prokey license.... I may be wrong but don't remember getting a download link or email for it.
    Could you please check on this for me?
    It would be under one of two email addresses... or
    Appreciate it. I downloaded the demo while I was waiting for a confirmation email and the demo has expired.
    If i didn't then i shall.
    Thanks for the Help with the ERROR MSG.....
    The issue manager worked and I was able to address another issue I was having and it helped to fix it.....
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