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    KMCI Bridge Exclusion

    Well I'll be snookered!! That did the trick Jon. Thank you very much. I guess I need to learn up on VTP exclusions. Thanx again. Sean E
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    KMCI Bridge Exclusion

    Nope, it isn't an autogen bridge. And yes, I have created an exclusion rectangle that has enveloped the bridge at least twice over and still no joy. When I say exclusion point, most objects (I am using taxi signs as an example) have a single point (normally an objects 0,0,0 point) that...
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    KMCI Bridge Exclusion

    Sorry, forgot to specify FS9.
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    KMCI Bridge Exclusion

    Long time no talk gentlmen (and ladies). I am in need of an answer to a very irritating bridge. I have done everything I can to exclude the infamous bridge in the middle of KMCI, but I can't seem to find the exclusion point for this object. Does anyone know of where this point may be in...
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    Layered Ground Poly Woes

    For every layer above the the satellite ground layer (6).... Raise inside gmax the next layers to 0.01m above the satellite layer. Don't raise each layer 0.01m above the next one. Just raise the layers 8 - 14 to the same height of 0.01m above layer 6. Export normally and the shimmering...
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    Help with runway lights on a custom runway!

    There is a max of about 1400-1500 attached object in any one scenery export. I have created a whole airport and had to divide it up into 4 quadrants to export the necessary taxi centerline and edge lights. Just for your FYI Sean E
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    Maximum Number of Effects

    Not a problem on the old thread thing. I have advanced farther in my light quest. Since I have learned how to use the LIGHT_NAV routine, I have converted my centerline lights to this style. Here is how it works: 1) Create an object with the texture name of LIGHT_NAV (color is your...
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    Visual C++ Exporting Error (??)

    The minimum requirements for an exported object is 1 meter x 1 meter. You can just bypass this error message and the object will still be rendered. Also, the object will not be able to have a crash box around it as it is too small. If you are doing attached effects or objects, remember that...
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    error message when exporting

    It could mean you have some overlapping vertexs on the model. If you are desinging in mesh or poly mode, select all the vertexs of the object and weld them together. Make sure the weld distance is small at first. If nothing happens, make the weld distance bigger until something shifts or...
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    Help in removing shadow

    You will need to export the 3D structure seperate from the ground plane. Because you are going to have to tweak the ground plane .asm coding to remove the shadow. If you tweak the code with both in the same scene, then you will also remove the shadow from the shelter. Sean E.
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    Ground Poly

    The way that I use both the 2002 and 2004 gamepacks is that I have two installations of gmax. One for '02 and one for '04. It works flawlessly and it allows for the gmax files to be bounced between the two. Sean E.
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    Tweaked 2004 LIGHT_NAV code...not working

    Once again Arno you are correct. It's always the simplest things that befuddle me..... :D Ciao Sean E
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    Tweaked 2004 LIGHT_NAV code...not working

    Thanx Arno for your replies. But, there is something peculiar with the following: ; Node 182 - LIGHT_NAV_dblue11 transform: BGL_SET_MATRIX_INDIRECT 13 IFIN1 nolights11, 028ch, 2, 6 BGL_LIGHT LIGHT_NAV, -0.337, 0.337, -0.337, 20, 0.60, 0.40, 0B206007Eh, 0.000000...
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    Gmax 2002 & BGL_LIGHT

    Okay, another quick question with the 2002 LIGHT_NAV.... What do you need to do to get the lights to turn off during the daytime? Will I need to tweak the code with a daytime check display? Thanx in advance Sean E.
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    Gmax 2002 & BGL_LIGHT

    Beautiful, that is what I wanted to hear. This place is great!!! Thanx again Sean E