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    Landing Challenges Pack

    Thank you KavindaJD, good work! I will try them soon. I just posted about looking for any new content for MS Flight and I am interested to learn more about this Mission Editor you mention. Even if basic race courses could just be created, then that would be great fun! (I appreciate that missions...
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    Aircreation 582SL Trike Ultralight for MS Flight

    Hello everybody, I am relatively new here but not new to flight simulation! Largely I fly X-Plane 10; however, I was an avid beta tester for MS Flight and I still have a 'soft spot' for this simulator. Not merely because it ended with unfulfiled potential, but because I genuinely enjoyed Flight...
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    I am aware that there is a 'test' thread but this is an informal sort of test that my account is finally registered - excellent! Hello everybody. I just wanted to introduce myself very briefly here and, being a thread entitled "Support us", it seemed appropriate to say thank you for accepting my...