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    Blade Slap Sound for Helicopter

    Old article but a great read none the less. I didn't read the entire thing but didn't see any mention of the recording gear or mics used. Mics can make all the difference in how the results play out. This would've been done on analog tape as well which if you're old enough as me and lucky to...
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    Blade Slap Sound for Helicopter

    We may be able to help each other. Email me at Here's some of the slap in a pack I'm working on. This is done via the cfg and not a guage
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    Recording sounds

    Here's how I do it Might be some tips in there for ya
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    Developers for voluminous project

    I've found on sites like this you get more of the folk looking for help with their problems so finding help on your project with experienced developers may not happen. I advertised two paid positions last month here with no replies. You may have to go to places like Gamasutra to find people...
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    Prop Pitch Audio

    Hey thanks for the reply Danny. I found myself a great programmer to work with who has an understanding of audio so in the future I'll have my own lil system worked out. In the meantime though I did a decent job of faking it for this current project. Thanks again for the reply.
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    Looking For Work?

    Hi guys, I'm looking for someone who can do a great paint both interior and exterior. This is a paying gig for a payware aircraft in development. If you have the right style, quality and attention to detail. Email me with a bit of a resume and samples. I'm also looking for someone who can do...
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    The I am working on thread

    Hey guys, new dude to the forums here and relative new developer to FSX (5 months in) but not new to game development by any means. I have alot of stuff in the works and like to keep my future plans quiet but I am working on a sound pack for Dead Pixl's RV8 project. Looking forward to...
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    Anything from E3?

    I did hear from a bud of mine who works at MGS that there is a small...but growing team in their FS dept so it appears they may be ramping up to contract another company to develop the next sim. We'll see.
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    Prop Pitch Audio

    I've been checking it out and have a basic understanding of it yet after a few days of messing with it, it doesn't seem to be working. I can only hear changes on RPM change and not on prop pitch change. It's my understanding the result should be the sample should pitch down at max prop pitch...
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    Sound issue in FsX Grumman Goose

    I realize this is an old thread but just wanted to add that I've been working on trying to sort out the incorrect RPM's playing on view switching as well and have some progress. I use FS Sound Studio and noticed a few things that when you drop the volume of a volume node to zero, it actually...