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    gmax textures

    found it! In the navigator I found a duplicate texture with different bitmaps.How this happened I do not know,each object had its own bitmap how they swapped is a mystery. sh ps Manchester uk now will have the new tower.
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    gmax textures

    hi tom no all textures have unique names.Only using 4 textures.24bit for gmax and formatted dxt1 for fsx.If I do each model and render it save as it's own bgl everything is fine so not texture.Do the same model and place it in another application and it's fine.I think its something to with...
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    gmax textures

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    Max/GMax - "Named Selection Sets"

    hi bill, just to ask you have you come across gmax changing the textures.After 3 hours work I did the glass textures to finish the project oooh no gmax changed some of models textures..all worked fine until I applied the glass.All textures are unique to each part,all mapped uw.3 parts changed...
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    GMAX Models for download anywhere?

    gmax mdl's hi, I have a few models for FSX wind turbine animated and unanimated.A radar dish animated and an assortement of buildings.If you want the gmax files you are welcome to them if you need to do your own textures. stewart haworth ps you can check the radar in my cardif airport...
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    Arno need your brains

    hi arno, can you tell me how to set the transparency level to about 30 in gmax 2002.I want to put oil stains on the last layer but i don't want 100 opacity.I just want them to be aware not overwiting the under layer. stew haworth
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    FSX Modeling tool/SDK

    attachment hi kenny, No you can use gmax.First clone your object.In the fsx tools dropdown menu you will see attachpoint tool.Open this menu.Tick the effect box this will in turn open a further menu effect to attach.Just scroll down the effects untill you come to the smoke effects,just select...
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    Underground and Bridges for Aircrafts

    bridges & tunnels hi, bridges and tunnels can be created in gmax but only the place them in the ground you have to apply a programme that allows you to cut the mesh to place your model from gmax.I use fsx kml with google to get the correct siting and elevation.To cover the holes...
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    animation fsx

    animation Thanks Arno I should have done that first but i don't like the fs2004 game pack,thank goodness for your cat tool. stew
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    animation fsx

    hi all, I have created moving hanger doors,they work great.How do you stop the loop so they work only once.Ihave done it in gmax fsx gamepack. stew
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    BGL no show in sim

    bgl hi dave, no i use fsx gmaxgamepack all the time its something in the compile.i used arno tool to crate a new bgl from the mdl compiled with no errors.but still nothing in the sim.i placed the scenery from the fs2004 gamepack into the fsx gamepack gave it a new guid,exported with the fs9...
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    BGL no show in sim

    bgl hi arno, no the co-ordinates are correct its a mystery.everything is good with the export and the bgl compile but nothing seems to show.i did a simple crate just a textured box even that doesn't show.i am confused.the box works in fsx.!!!any ideas would be very grateful people want my fsx...
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    BGL no show in sim

    bgl hi lance, no,all configurations are set to max and the scenery is set to normal.export from gmax no errors,compiles ok but the scenery will not show.tried different locations scenery areas but nothing. stew
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    BGL no show in sim

    hi all, Just tried to make an object for fs9 in gmax fs2004.It exports ok Arno gave me the correct xml format.I get the mdl and the xml.Correct the co-ordinates,Compile the bgl, the size of the bgl matches the mdl,BUT it will not show up in fs9.Everything is set up in the is...
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    export from gmax

    expor gmax hi arno, the mdl is ok i can place it with ez scenery.BE GRATEFUL IF YOU COULD FIND TIME to have a quick look at it regards stew