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Recent content by superspud

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    MSFS Creation of an animated pilot for MSFS

    I don't really pay much attention to pilots but the Shrike 530F has a Asobo pilot that moves, or moves with, the controls at least. It's pretty crude but it is present. That's feet on pedals and hands on the stick and collective. That's observing in external view. You don't have a pilot...
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    MSFS Creating AI ship routes (and hardened decks for landing)

    If you want to make a car follow a route that you have created, if you look in the 'for developers' section in this download - https://flightsim.to/file/27908/moving-boats-3d-model-library there is a tutorial on how to create moving boats using worldscripts. Some things in it won't be...
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    MSFS Helipad Lights and Taxi

    Click on the airport object and in its properties there is a light presets section. This allows you to use in sim lights. You can set colour, intensity, size and phasing for stuff like flashes. You have to select a model mesh to attach it to so I use something like the warm medium light from...
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    MSFS Best practise to reload newly edited assets (e.g. SimObjects, Worldscripts)?

    Yes. It sometimes doesn't work reapplying the worldscript after a build, but it should do most of the time. Not sure why it doesn't work for simobject meshes as it does for scenery objects but that's a less painful thing to deal with.
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    MSFS Best practise to reload newly edited assets (e.g. SimObjects, Worldscripts)?

    Scenery object models are simple, you open the model's gltf with something like notepad ++, change something like adding one space, change it back, save and it'll do a live reload. That doesn't work if there's a new texture, just changes to existing ones and the mesh. For simobjects and...
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    MSFS Import Aerial Imagery to Blender

    I do it in a very uncool manner. Screenshot in google or bing maps. Measure it in there with their tools. Stick the screenshot on a plane with the same measurements in Blender. Stick some basic boxes on it to represent the buildings. Load them in the sim and fiddle with multiple re exports...
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    Blender: What combination of SDK, Blender, and Plugins?

    Still plenty of relevant Info in there but it would take more time singling what to ignore than rewriting it.
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    Blender: What combination of SDK, Blender, and Plugins?

    That is so old now it's an active menace. I'm slowly updating it but can't recommend it to anyone until then as it might cause death or disfigurement. I never expected things to move so fast, but I guess it's a good thing that the improvements are so numerous.
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    W.I.P. Tool for creating Elevation using Rectangles

    Thanks so much for making it. It's been a long wait for an alternative. In some areas I have managed to get DEM rectangles to behave smoothly in the past, but that's the minority and I'm not doing anything different to my knowledge. It either works or it doesn't. Since the system is so...
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    W.I.P. Tool for creating Elevation using Rectangles

    Superb. Just to double check I'm not doing something stupid, it can only load one raster image at a time? Edit - that's confirmed in the description. It certainly works quickly and smoothly. I had to convert my raster image to vanilla WGS84 in Qgis for it to digest. I can't use any of the...
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    MSFS senisble amount of verticies for a model

    There are a few mods out there with no LODs that are over 10 million tris. I've never noticed a performance hit but they are usually aircraft carriers in the middle of the sea. If you are super extravagant with a model you don't have to move far away for a very aggressive second LOD model to...
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    MSFS Optical Landing System

    Not really. If it was your own system you could maybe mess with LODs to make the lights larger from a distance so visible from further, but the Asobo stuff will be fixed.
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    MSFS Optical Landing System

    The meatball is a unique simobject. The lighting is somehow baked into the model. If you bring in your own optical system, unless you've designed your own lighting and got it working not much is going to happen. You will get whatever mesh you've made and that's it. I've only used attach points...
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    MSFS Optical Landing System

    The cube is purely something for a worldscript to read so it knows to attach the meatball as a separate entry in the worldscript. That's why it's invisible. There's no need to see it. 1 - It's impossible to import intact or as an editable item as the screenshot proves. 2 - You can add another...
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    MSFS Optical Landing System

    There is no mesh other than a cube. You need some mesh in the simobject for it to be processed. May as well make it as simple as possible. Just move the empty around in the blender file to reposition the OLS.