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    Converting my FS9 airports to FSX

    ok - While waiting for a new tool like AFCAD (may it rest in peace) I'd like to convert my airports that I took so much time creating for FS9 to FSX. Is there a simple way to do this?
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    Effect Attachment Problem

    What miffs :mad: me about the transparency with effects bug is that the effects don't even need to be applied to the transparent object - just near it. For instance, I have a control tower where I've placed transparent windows via GMax then placed on the roof OBS lights with the effects setup...
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    Again problems with exclude area

    just go away .. will you ! I just went through this last week excluding out my signs at KARR. I didn't want to use a huge exclude of obvious reasons but here is what I found. On runway 9/27 there are two signs - one at the 27 end and wasn't the eastern most or northern most nor anything that I...
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    Beta build 1.0.32 now available

    I'm curious ... if this is your rig ... (or you can play on it) can you pull that center monitor forward about an inch and slide the left and right ones closer to the center causing the sides of the screen to overlap each other and tell me how this looks. I've considering getting 3 AOC screens...
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    Over-sized objects

    heee reminds me of when i first started to stumble my way through with gMAX... created a beacon mast that could be seen from orbit. Just went looking for the pic but was unsuccessful. I popped a chuckle.
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    Yes this is a bug in the makebgl. I've reported this here as well as other forums and nobody has any clue as to a work around. And you are totally correct it is linked to the fact that you have an object in close proximity to an effect that has a opacity property that does not equal 100%. I...
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    Transparant fence

    FireStriker (listen in Arno and Brien) I ran into exactly the same thing while trying to make a transparent obs light globe. Another user and I hacked on this one for days and came to the conclusion that it's a malady of the makeMDL.exe. We found that it was associated with the proximity of an...
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    Uniform shading across entire object

    DOH ... that's why i started saving with revision numbers. That way you can go back several versions if the need arises. When you're all done.... keep the good one.
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    A little knowledge is a dangerous thing!

    1985, Real Genius with Val Kilmer as Chris Night. Thats one of those like "The Fifth Element". Everytime I see it on I have to stop and watch.
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    A little knowledge is a dangerous thing!

    Same time frame.... I'll give you a hint: Christ Knight & Mitch Taylor :tapedshut
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    A little knowledge is a dangerous thing!

    Unfortunately his passing some time in the 50's precludes our casual passing in the equipment strewn corridors of the super collider. ok dialog from our favorite movie.... Hint1 Student1: "What is THIS?" Student2: "It's called ice. It's what happens to water when it gets to cold!" Hint2...
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    A little knowledge is a dangerous thing!

    Jeff.... wow this is really weird.. that is exactly what I was thinking. Wow.... great minds.... (like, ... you're a stitch eh) :laughing: Arno ... oh no . :eek: . not the hand coding of XML.... my brain hurts... :banghead: I just wonder how others are doing it. I mean, I'm using gMax to...
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    A little knowledge is a dangerous thing!

    grin.. wow you've actually heard of me. I have to explain that name to most. I live about 30 minutes from the Fermi Lab National Acc. Lab in Batavia, IL. Used to go over there bunches when I was younger (and no 9/11 fallout) dressed in a white lab coat and an aluminum clip board and walk around...
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    Afcad Assist

    uh... yer ... you're talking via AFCAD correct. If you double click on the desired runway, go to the VASI tab (4th) and choose the correct version. That was too easy ... did you mean somehting else or was that it?
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    A little knowledge is a dangerous thing!

    Yes Jeff very impressive. I do have a few questions for you tho. Your control tower, is that glass (opaque material) or an alpha texture for windows at the top? Do you have obslights at the top of it. And lastly did you create all those buildings, hangers, and comm towers yourself?