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Recent content by Tejal Bernardo

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    Can't get addon scenery to work

    Yes, for scenery addons installations in Windows 7 and fsx there was a trick, select the folder, and when the scenery folders display, click not directly on the folder but in the Windows. I expect that with this excellent english you could understand something.
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    Custom animated vehicle for FSX?

    Take a look here if could be of help, it's a tutorial about animations along a path wiki
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    Problem with lofting runway edges on Gmax

    have you converted the object to editable poly? it's sure something was wrong in the process. i think it's no necessary to apply any UV mapping.
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    What Plugin do you use to get this.

    it's a rendering plugin, it come with the pro versión , the payware vesion I guess.
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    FS2004 A beginner with cruel doubts fotoscenery

    For the photoreal you will need an image editor to apply an alpha channel (black=transparent; White=opaque), FwTools to keeps the coordinates of the image and sabe them, and add them once you have edited the image. The image will lost his georrefence when edited so you need to apply it with...
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    Website stability

    Yes, same here, not response of the site
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    UV Mapping

    you can export a 3ds file from MCX and import in Gmax, but problably you have to apply the textures again. I can't remember what the process was, you would have to see into it.
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    The KLN90B for FSX/Prepar3d in beta.

    Sorry I can't be of great help here, i'm just a basic user happy because it's working. Flying in fsx and Windows 10 PC. Just a question have you a Kln90 folder in the root directory of fsx ? it's is created when installing the gauge. As said I can't say more, no special installation or tricks...
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    Mesh creation with QGis

    Cool. recently I 've been fliying over there. I got the photoscenry from AirHispainia for the region. Descubrí que hay bastante escenarios como Pamplona, Vitoria, y del norte. saludos
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    Mesh creation with QGis

    but the output deserved the effort. very cool Little island, nice you had success . where is situtated. saludos.
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    P3D v4 New helicopter AI in v4.2

    I remember to créate a couple of routes for ai helicopters, these needed to be a special ones. I just found two or three of them. the .air file was modified to work as AI , and the route was created with Aiboatc but can't remember almost anything, it was a long time ago. Edit: searching a Little...
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    The KLN90B for FSX/Prepar3d in beta.

    Working right now. it seem the alligning of gyros make the difference. Initially the Gps show a fligh plan from an earlier flight, I load the new created flight plan via the top menú (the enter key method work too), just that.
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    The KLN90B for FSX/Prepar3d in beta.

    Yes it could be, because I load the aircraft just for the test. but don't should be, gps is another thing how Do you try to load the flight plan?
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    The KLN90B for FSX/Prepar3d in beta.

    I have seen the fsx flight plan show in the KNl90 screen, it load the FP but I can't make the autopilot work in Gps mode. Anyway we can fly with interial system IN21, it's an option :cool: Edit: Lastly I got autopilot work with Gps, I "think" it follwed the route, but it's all very weird, it's...
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    The KLN90B for FSX/Prepar3d in beta.

    have you deleted the Kln90 file inside the panel folder?. I have flight that bird. My problem in this case was that in arriving to the destiny airport fsx frozen and stopped the game. the above solved the issue. but it seem you have not that problem. Right now can't remember if I loaded some...