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    Is there any XML programming program on Android device?

    Bill is saying that xml is just plain text. All the complicated stuff is done by FS. You don't need any dedicated compiler program like you do for C, or any dedicated editor. You can write xml quite well on wordpad (I have done so for quite some while when starting xml). More advanced...
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    P3D v1 Engine Failures in XML gauges?

    As you're developing the planes yourself you can set the FS A: parameter like throttle lever position by a K:*_Set events to mimic the effect of the engine issue, and indicate a custom-generated L: value in the gauges or as lever position in the panel/VC instead of the genuine A: value. I've...
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    FSX Auto Flaps

    Nice collection of xlm space traps ;) Missing space that kills... Space too much that kills... <Gauge Name="Autoflaps" Version="1.0"> <Element> -> Delete <Update Frequency="1"/> (A:RADIO HEIGHT,feet)(add space)1000 &lt; (A:RADIO HEIGHT,feet)(add space)5 &gt; &amp;&amp; if(no space...
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    FS2004 Incrementing var values

    On rewiewing the thread I've realised this has already been brought up by Naruto-Kun and answered by Tom). Sorry for the noise.
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    FS2004 Incrementing var values

    hi, I haven't followed this thread, and don't know whether it's relevant or has already been mentioned, but I think "FUEL TANK CENTER2 QUANTITY" is an A: variable. Does creating an L: variable with the same name cause issues ?
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    FSX How to tell which view is current.

    Hello Anthony, as Doug said, his sound gauge provides a variable which indicates the view currently active. That should do what you are looking for for FSX (SP2) dsd_fsx_xml_sound.gau (L:ViewSystemStatus, number) Possible values are: 0 – Outside (spot)...
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    Decimal degrees conversion random error

    Strange... Instead of calculating the real latitude seconds try what WP latitude seconds are written to the flight plan with the following manual attribution to WP latitude seconds: 0.01 (>C:XMLVARS:StringValue,string) 0.1 (>C:XMLVARS:StringValue,string) '0.01'...
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    Decimal degrees conversion random error

    I remarked several typos in my code (as usual) - here's an update: (C:fs9gps:FlightPlanWaypointLatitude,degrees) abs 1 % 60 * 1 % 60 * flr (>L:Seconds,number) (C:fs9gps:FlightPlanWaypointLatitude,degrees) abs 1 % 60 * 1 % 60 * 1 % 10 * flr (>L:tenth_Seconds_Digit,number)...
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    Decimal degrees conversion random error

    Try it. ;)
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    Decimal degrees conversion random error

    I believe the others are suggesting to compose "0.01" out of four strings "0" + "." + "0" + "1". The issue is that small numbers, like "0.01", seem to either be represented by FS or interpreted by Logger as a string with scientific number format (e.g. 10^-2 = 1E-2=1.e-002). Try the...
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    This just doesn't add up!

    Check your (L:PassengersEcon, number) variable's values. I'm pretty sure that <String>%((L:PassengersEcon, number))%!1.2f!</String> will give 5.47 and 82.55 for the two examples.
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    Conditions in XML

    Hi Peter, a few comments from slightly advanced beginner to beginner. Believe me - I've been there ... .xml takes some getting used to. Just jumping in and changing a few lines by guesswork is likely to lead to a lot of frustration. You're in for a steep learning curve. But after about 6...
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    FS2004 Recalcitrant tooltip string

    I believe there's one "%" too much or too little in the following part: %{if}%( (A:Turb eng2 N2, percent) 36 + )%!d!%%{else} Try either %{if}%( (A:Turb eng2 N2, percent) 36 + )%!d!%%%{else} or displacing the "%%" to the end of the string %{if}%( (A:Turb eng2 N2, percent) 36 + )%!d!%{else}...
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    FSX random virble for gauges

    I don't believe that using an xml sim variable (A:, E:, P: ) will have more impact on performance than using an L: variable. Not 100% sure, but I believe the variable is calculated/stored by FS anyways every cycle, so memory usage/calculation time for updating the variable should be the same...
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    Keep popup window open in VC

    Unfortunately that didn't work. FS doesn't detect these events during start-up. I guess too busy... <Keys> <On Event="USERINTERRUPT"> 0 (>L:RE_MSPview_init,enum) (L:Test,number) ++ (>L:Test,number) </On> <On Event="ATC_MENU_CLOSE"> 0 (>L:RE_MSPview_init,enum)...