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  • I am still not seeing animations in the model parts...l see post. Tom....thank you for all the great stuff over the years and your constant support to a pain in the ass (me)...Have a great day!!!!!!
    Best Regards!!
    Tom...was reading some readme from the M404 and stumbled into the fact you had a AI M404 with Piedmont rid of all the other Martin and went to CalClassic and downloaded that AI Package and installed in FSX. I have the ai in my model converter and yes now I see black/gray props and working animations. I put 10000 on every line below the total parts line ..(continue next reply)
    Hi I mate, I need your help, I'm starting in the subject to put gauges 2d at a vc made by me, I found the tutorials are not explanatory enough for someone starting from scratch as for example the polygon on which they will go the gauges to measure must be board etc. I would greatly help your wisdom on this subject. thank you very much
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