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Recent content by thebeloved

  1. thebeloved

    FSXA New way to make light splash.

    Very valuable solution...i think this is the best tradeoff between all the solution stated in this thread. And I think this is the same technique used by other commercial developer. Thank You Thomas32, I'll try it as well.
  2. thebeloved

    Milano Linate X

    Not abandoned at all.... Project works resumed...new screenshots on http://parthenosim.blogspot.it/ ;)
  3. thebeloved

    SCASM lights KILL my fps

    Yes is correct, if we want to be academic we can tell: # Heading values should be declared between 0.00 and 179.99 # No integer Heading values are allowed: a +0.1° or +0.2° should be added
  4. thebeloved

    SCASM Runway Overlays

    Discussion thread for SCASM Runway Overlays. If you would like to add a comment, click the Post Reply button.
  5. thebeloved

    Surface "-1" doesn't get my runway invisible

    Hi, when You set the surfacetype to "-1", wich type of effective surface will render on the simulator? I mean: i know that the runway is transparent (no texture applied), but it have a surface behaviour (asphalt, concrete, grass, turf, ecc.). Do You have tested rolling an aircraft on...
  6. thebeloved

    SCASM lights KILL my fps

    Hi, i have added the wiki article: http://www.fsdeveloper.com/wiki/index.php?title=SCASM_Runway_Overlays Hope it can helps all the community.
  7. thebeloved

    New Freeware Project

    Kevin, You have my appreciations!!! I'm from Naples and i'm amazed by Your work. This is the best gift that You can give to my people... Bravo!!! :)
  8. thebeloved

    SCASM lights KILL my fps

    Unfortunately not....the only way is that sometimes the files are really small (less than 1kb) as they contains only the FS8 header and the 0xAA opcode with its sub-opcodes. You have to try disassembling it with bglanalyze, that is the technique that i've used till now...
  9. thebeloved

    SCASM lights KILL my fps

    Hi guys! I'm happy that you find useful the solution! I have used the same technique on Milano Linate X, and it works fine :)
  10. thebeloved

    Milano Linate X

    Thank You very much! Surely then You have visited also the skyscrapers that exists in Milan... I will reproduce it in the scenery for a more enjoyable experience :) http://parthenosim.blogspot.it/2012/04/milano-linate-x-landmarks-texturing.html
  11. thebeloved

    Milano Linate X

    Quick update about the progress of the scenery. From now avalaible from here: http://parthenosim.blogspot.it/2012/04/milano-linate-x-west-apron-showcase.html
  12. thebeloved

    Milano Linate X

    Huge update on Milan Linate (shots 1-5), and first screenshots of Naples Capodichino (shots 6-9). Enjoy! :)
  13. thebeloved

    Experimentation on PREPAR3D

    Hi guys! I today released the porting of my LIRN-X (Napoli Capodichino) scenery on PREPAR3D. Feel free to download on www.napulevola.it and let me know your considerations!
  14. thebeloved

    Milano Linate X

    After doing work on the freeware Napoli Capodichino for FS9 and FSX, now is time to move on one of the busiest city-airport in Italy, Milano Linate. The project will be my first payware: Milano Linate X. The scenery will depict the Airport of Linate and its surroundings and it will be...
  15. thebeloved

    Runways Lights

    In my opinion runway lights compiled with SCASM have a more easily placement and control, altough they are a really old legacy from fs2002 scenery engine... BGL_LIGHT (LIGHT_NAV, _BEACON and so on) are optimal as lights for taxiways and anti-collision on buildings. But i'm interested on...